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Internship despite Corona - 4 tips and facts

While Corona is not so easy to find an internship - internships remain a central aspect of professional orientation. Trying out a job and looking over the shoulder of specialists is one of the most effective methods of finding out whether you enjoy the job. You also have the chance to get a taste of working life and get to know apprenticeships during the pandemic.

4 tips and useful information for looking for an internship in times of Corona

Trying out jobs you haven't thought of yet

The internship is about trying things out. Therefore: why not dare to try something new? Because of Corona, there are currently not internship offers in all industries. But that is exactly what has its advantages. If you get involved in alternatives, you have the chance to discover occupational fields that you have not even considered beforehand.

What exactly can that look like? "For example, clinics and general practitioners are currently overburdened and hardly offer internships because they cannot take care of interns at all," explains Waltraud Erndl, spokeswoman for the Association of German Realschule Teachers (VDR) and an expert on career orientation.

With specialists such as dental practices, internships are also offered in the corona crisis, as the situation there is a little more relaxed. Her tip for schoolchildren who are interested in medicine and health care: "Apply now to a specialist for an internship."

Do an internship in a small or medium-sized company

While corporations send a large part of their employees to the home office in the pandemic, small and medium-sized companies continue to work more often at the company location. In times of Corona, it is therefore easier to find an internship in a small company, says Erndl. The range of internship positions is still diverse and ranges from activities in production to office professions such as industrial clerk or clerk for office management.

Why an internship in a small company is also worthwhile: Personal contact plays a much bigger role here than in large corporations. If you fit into the team and apply for an apprenticeship as a former intern, you will have the job as good as in your pocket.

Discover the craft with an internship

Despite Corona, a relatively large number of internship positions are offered in the trade. “The craft is very open here and is playing an increasingly important role, especially for pupils with an intermediate school leaving certificate, such as the secondary school leaving certificate,” says Erndl. With the increasing use of technology, the activities in skilled trades would become more and more demanding: "This results in interesting occupational fields."

Why is an internship in the craft also worthwhile? If you enjoy the work and you decide to train as a craftsman, you have the opportunity to train yourself to become a master and later open your own business. This is not only exciting, but also offers you earnings prospects that can easily keep up with the income of university graduates.

Virtual internships and online career guidance

In the Corona crisis, a lot is shifting to the digital world - this also applies to career orientation. Large companies in particular, for example in the automotive industry, are now offering schoolchildren the opportunity to gain an insight into professional life online, reports Erndl: “There are virtual company tours, films to present training programs are being upgraded, and virtual reality offers are creating new ones Opportunities to get to know professions. "

Many aspects of an internship could be covered using digital formats. An extensive online offer on the subject of training and career orientation is also made available by the Federal Employment Agency.

Although a student internship is not compulsory for high school graduates and young people aiming to graduate from school, Erndl recommends completing several voluntary internships. "Most of our students have done around five internships by the time they graduate," says the VDR spokeswoman.

You can find out where there are currently vacant internship positions in your region at the Stuzubi Digital student fair, in the Stuzubi job exchange and at the job information center (BiZ) of your responsible employment agency.