Who is Abraham Lincoln personally?

Six leadership lessons from Abraham Lincoln

  • Emotional intelligence and empathy

    President Lincoln recognized the importance of building relationships with your constituents. He tried from day one to gain the respect of those who knew him, and during his presidency, citizens were able to visit him in his office. What sets leaders apart is their high level of awareness emotional intelligence and empathy towards the others. Nobody is born a leader. Lincoln, unlike other presidents who were generals or governors, had no experience in team leadership, yet no one questioned his leadership. It is important to work on the skills for management and thanks to the Serious games and the learning method Game-based learning people can develop their skills through practice and simulation. Gamelearn is currently developing the video game course Pacific, with the based on practice Lessons on leadership and team management can be learned.

  • communication

    Much of Lincoln's success throughout history has been based on his Ability to communicate and create relationships with others. The famous American president was a recognized speaker who managed to sweep his audience away with his stories and vision of the projects. To be a good leader, it is very important to be a good communicator and get the messages across in a clear and sensitive way to submit.

  • Social skills

    In addition to empathy and emotional intelligence, the ability to approach others is one Building relationship and to convince and lead teams, characteristic of good leaders. During the American Civil War, Lincoln formed a cabinet made up of political rivals in which he put his trust. A strong leader knows when to should rely on the others and is able to recognize his team's achievements before his own. If you want to improve your negotiating skills and your skills in resolving conflicts, we advise you to use the simulator Merchants to train in practice.

  • motivation

    Perhaps the most important quality we can learn from a leader is motivation. To share and transfer the passion for a project is crucial in order to gain the support of the team and to make a concerted effort Implementation of the project to undertake and achieve the goals. Lincoln always believed in his principles and fought to implement them throughout his career.

  • building up trust

    It is important for a real leader to have a positive message transmitted. In Steven Spielberg's recent film about Lincoln, the First Lady tells her husband: “No one is loved as much as you are by your people. Use this power ”. Abraham Lincoln took her advice and always tried to do that trust of its constituents through an optimistic attitude to win.

  • Accept criticism and advice

    Lincoln was a politician who was open to criticism and debate. He strengthened his leadership through dialogue with the American people of the time and used the opinion of others to correct mistakes and improve his image. The American President took advices on, but when he saw fit, he followed his own as well instinct. The receipt of Feedback is of fundamental importance for developing social skills and learning soft skills.