How attractive is your mother

Your mother has this influence on your love life

Are we copying our mothers love lives?

The researchers write that the mother passes on certain character traits to her children, which should be decisive for the duration and stability of their love relationships. "We found that mothers have certain character traits and behavior patterns that determine how attractive they are to partners," will Claire Kamp Dush, Lead author of the study and lecturer in human sciences and sociology at Ohio State University in Columbus, quoted in "Spiegel". Children would internalize the behavior of their mothers - such as the ability to build trust - and transfer it to their own relationships. According to the researchers, this is due to the fact that the mothers have a decisive influence on social development.

The researchers looked at data from long-term studies that include around 13,000 people. Among other things, they asked what influence a separation of the parents has on later relationships or separations. It was not confirmed that the children would later change partners more often themselves, but one clear result of the study is that relationship skills and abilities are passed on from the mother to her children. In other words, there is a high probability that we will have similar relationships as our mothers.

The only shortcoming of the study: the study did not look at the influence fathers and their ability to bond (or inability) have on their children.