Blood scares you

Why do you faint?

Dear Dr. Mo!
Whenever I watch a horror movie and get scared, I suddenly see stars and fall over. I recently went to the basement. A mouse ran over my feet. I feel disgusted with mice and suddenly passed out again. Even if I see blood, I lose it and lose consciousness. Why is this happening to me? Is this dangerous? And what can I do about it?
Kind regards, Isabel

Dear Isabel,

the faint has something to do with yours blood flow to do. The heart pumps the blood throughout the body; also through the brain. This will make it with oxygen provided. This is necessary for the brain to work properly. A candle, for example, can only burn properly if there is enough oxygen. If the flame gets too little, it will get smaller and will go out at some point. This is what happens when you put a glass over the candle.

Something similar is happening in your body, Isabel. If you are frightened or disgusted, your heart may suddenly start beating more slowly. As a result, less blood and less oxygen is transported to the brain - this leads to a lack of oxygen.

He is responsible for making you dizzy. You lose your balance and you may briefly pass out.

When you have come to, you should immediately lie down and put your feet up. Because this allows the blood to flow back to the brain and it is supplied with oxygen again. It is best, however, to simply take precautionary measures. Maybe when watching horror films you will just leave the lights on soon so that you don't get so scared. And when you go into the basement, whistle loudly! Because then the mice startle and hide.

Kind regards, Dr. Mon