Should the MLB improve the stadium's safety net

Woman hit by ball, daughter accuses: club and league sweep death under the carpet

It happened in the last inning on August 25, 2018, when Linda Goldbloom attended the Los Angeles Dodgers' home game against the San Diego Padres in the US professional baseball MLB. It should be her last. Four days later, the 79-year-old died of her head injury. A baseball, a so-called & # ff7ddd; foulball & # ff7ddf ;, had flown towards the stands and hit them hard. She was in Section 106, Row C, Seat 5 - a few yards from the edge of the field.

Her daughter, Jana Brody, still compares the ball to a cartridge that was fired from a firearm. And she warns: & # ff7ddd; I would like higher networks! & # Ff7ddf; She also told the & # ff7ddd; New York Times & # ff7ddd;: If the ball is already in descent, the spectator can still cope with it or even avoid it. But where my mother was sitting there was no chance to react. It was a shot. & # Ff7ddf;

Foulball not seen on TV

Brody wasn't there against the Padres. She also stopped visiting the stadium in the following games. The pain of losing her mother was just too great, baseball wasn't important enough. But as the weeks and months passed after the beloved mother's death, she was amazed that no one reported the incident. No TV picture had captured the fatal foul ball, the club had not made the accident public. The league was also silent, no media representative followed the fate of Linda Goldbloom. The family itself did not go to the press either.

But when Brody was researching fan injuries in baseball, she found an article that said there had been only one foul ball death in baseball. In 1970 a 14-year-old boy died - also at Dodger Stadium. She contacted the author, ESPN journalist Willie Weinbaum, to inform them that there had been a second case. & # ff7ddd; Only then did I realize that it is our responsibility to tell the whole story to the public. & # ff7ddf;

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She wanted it not to happen again. And that's why she contacted the Dodgers. Your wish: an expansion of the networks. Joe Jareck, the club's press secretary, commented on the request that the problem was resolved. The club would not make any statements about accidents at Dodger Stadium in order to protect the family's privacy.

MLB wants to keep stadiums fan-friendly

The MLB is also keeping a low profile. One is sad about the death of Goldbloom. The aim is always to improve the safety for the audience. They want the stadiums to be & # ff7ddd; fan-friendly & # ff7ddf; hold.

Time and again, spectators in US baseball are injured by flying balls. Safety nets at all American baseball stadiums have been enlarged since Goldbloom's death. Still, Brody is not satisfied. The nets have been widened, but not increased.

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