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An analysis shows: Only every tenth profile owner has ever posted on Google+. The current usage rate is even negligible.

The finding that Google+ is more or less dead is not really surprising. If you read my blog continuously, you could read various critical reports on the social network from Google in recent years.

With great regularity I have devoted to the increasing insignificance of Google+ - be it in 2011 or a year later in 2012 and again in 2013. Admittedly, not much has happened since then - especially not from Google.

Google+ has been dawning for years as the undead of the social media scene. Most recently, the service made a name for itself in April of last year, when Google+ boss Vic Gundotra surprisingly announced his departure.

Shortly thereafter, rumors of a spin-off, a break-up or even the termination made the rounds. Even after that, little has happened; Since the third birthday in mid-2014, Google+ has become quiet again.

The gloomy prophecies of the future may now be given new nourishment: the Dutch blogger Kevin Anderson recently graphically prepared publicly available data and estimates by the American tech analyst Edward Morbius.

Source: Business Insider / Kevin Anderson

The data impressively prove how dead Google+ really is: According to Morbius, there are currently around 2.2 billion profile pages on the Google social network. Of these, only one in ten has even posted a post at some point (9 percent).

Of those active profiles, only six percent made contributions in the current year (18 days). Half of them - three percent - are YouTube comments. This means: only between four and six million people actively use Google+ at all, that is between 0.2 and 0.3 percent of all profiles (Morbius described details on the methodology in a post on Ello).

The only catch, according to Kevin Anderson: Morbius does not take into account any non-public postings or comments in his analysis - which of course would not make the numbers look significantly better. The exciting question remains whether and - if so, how - Google will react to the persistent weakness of Google+ this year.

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