Where I print paper cups

Different ways to use paper cups

Paper cups, takeaway cups, disposable cups - paper cups with logo have as many different uses as they have different names. The good thing about paper cups is that they are really just recessed containers that can be used for different contents.

In the following, we will go into the various uses for which our customers use the cups most frequently, as well as comments on each individual point. Finally, to cover all aspects, we also have some tips and tricks for fun things to do with your paper cups.

The obvious benefit

Most of our customers use their paper cups with logos to serve hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Paper cups are for hot drinks, and you can find them every day, be it at 7/11 or your local grocery store.

When buying paper cups for serving hot drinks, you should think about how hot the drinks will be, as single-walled cups are often not enough for high temperatures. Single-walled mugs can get very hot and are almost impossible to hold until the drink has cooled down. In such cases, consider whether double-walled mugs are more suitable as they will save your customers from burning their fingers while keeping the contents warm at the same time.

Cold drinks

Many of our customers use paper cups to serve cold beverages such as juice, water and soft drinks. They were used as cups for water at orientation events and as juice cups that were given to the students with a message. The common theme with these cases is that the paper cups were used to begin an interaction with other people.

If you want to use the paper cups for cold drinks, the single-walled option is a good choice. The thickness of the paper is not so important for cold drinks, as the printed cup does not have to store any heat. Single-walled cups offer a simple but clear print on the outside and are also a cheap option for serving drinks.

Alcohol and fat

Some of our customers have used the paper cups to serve alcoholic beverages like coffee with Baileys and other similar beverages. You might be inclined to believe that a simple paper cup can hold almost anything, but there are actually a few things the simple paper cup struggles with nonetheless. Alcohol and fat are a couple of examples. Most paper cups are actually not designed to handle large concentrations of alcohol or fat. This is seldom a problem for alcohol levels below 5% or for low levels of fat. But any higher proportion can drastically affect the shelf life of a standard paper cup.

This can be resolved as many manufacturers are able to reinforce the cup material (especially on the bottom) so that it doesn't start to leak. Alcohol and fat are not common contents for a paper cup, so be sure to ask your paper cup supplier if you would like to use your logoed paper cup to serve strong alcoholic beverages or beverages with a very high fat content.
If you are not sure whether what you are trying to serve might not be suitable for a paper cup, you can always give us a call and learn a little more about the different options we can offer.

Tips and tricks on how to use your paper cup differently

We have customers who have used their paper cups as popcorn boxes as these are a cheaper solution and still have a good portion of popcorn at 12 or 16 ounce paper cups. The special thing about paper cups in this context is that, thanks to their rounded surface, they have a uniform appearance and not the typical box-shaped appearance.

CMYK colors offer you a great form of expression for your printed paper cups. We have customers who offer their own customers the option to add their printouts on their printed paper cups so that customers are involved in the process.

Since the paper cup is quite simply a container, we also have customers who have used it to serve snacks like fruit salads, chips and baked potatoes. Cups in different sizes allow you to adjust the portions as you wish.


In general, paper cups can be used for a number of different purposes, including many not listed above. It's amazing that an object as simple as a paper cup can be used in so many different ways. Still, it's important to look at the print and size of the paper cup in accordance with what you plan to use it for. You can always call us and talk to us about whether paper cups are suitable for your setup.