Office politics is a myth

Contributions to mimetic theory


Foreword to the German edition 9


Chapter 1 introduction 13
Reasonable beings? 13th
Business as a religious company 17

Chapter 2 The first myth of the market: Freedom 23
Accidental failure and the blame game 23
The free market as a contradiction 25
Invisible hand or iron fist? 29

Chapter 3 The second myth of the market: competition 33
The psychology of competition 33
Competitive Metaphors from Biology 37
The logic of competition 40

Chapter 4 The secret of the market: borrowed desire 43
The structure of desire 43
Borrowed desire in the company and in the market 53
The double bind and the management complex 56

Chapter 5 The secret of management:The blame 63
Conflict resolution through victims 63
Corporate culture as religious culture 70
Myths as systems of blame 73
Adam and Eve: The Original Guilt Game 76


Chapter 6 The currency of guilt and recognition:gossip 83
Passing the buck on 83
Gossip and Myth Information 87
The bullying behavior 92

Chapter 7 The ethics of survival:The boss and the mob 97
The Concept of Survival 97
Survival Strategies 102

Chapter 8 The ethics of success: competitors 108
The Concept of Success 108
Strategies for Success 114

Chapter 9 Service Ethics: Customers 124
The concept of service 124
Service strategies 131

Chapter 10 The wisdom of tradition: work 138

Questions for further discussion 149

Bibliography 157