Have you felt enlightenment

Enlightenment: How's it going and do you really need it?

Do you practice yoga every day, do you meditate diligently for at least half an hour a day, and have you absorbed Buddha's wisdom? Is enlightenment still a long time coming?

For a long time I was driven to find the right thing for myself, to feel really good and finally to reach the point where I am happy and satisfied.

I looked in various places.

It all started in my childhood that I dealt with the subject of spirituality.

A big hobby of mine was collecting precious stones when I was 10 years old. So it happened that one day, at the age of 16, I got into a conversation with the saleswoman in a small gemstone shop. She recommended a book by Thorwald Dethlefsen “Fate as Opportunity: The Primordial Knowledge of the Perfection of Man” *.

I literally devoured it and read it several times in no time. I was particularly impressed by the romantic thought that there would be someone out there who would be my second half. If I only found this someone, I would be whole, complete and could live my purpose.

Like I said, I was only 16 years old. I didn't know any better.


Still, that thought stayed in the back of my mind. Even when my mind knew that I cannot achieve perfection through another person, I scanned men in my life for potential soul mates.

Unfortunately, many people seek their happiness in another person. There are a lot of singles out there who think they can't be really happy until they have the right partner by their side.

One of the reasons we often hold on to a relationship is because we believe we cannot be happy on our own.

The great thing about partnerships and relationships of all kinds is that we can learn from the people around us. Every person who comes into your life gives you the chance to grow through them. But no other person than yourself can give you lasting satisfaction.

It took me a long time to really understand that. It was an important and far-reaching learning process.


Even so, I still had the feeling that I was missing something.

That's why I began to do training in all kinds of directions.

I was particularly fond of Chinese medicine, of course, but my spiritual journey first went into energy medicine. I always had the feeling that I had to do more training in order to finally reach my goal. To find enlightenment and bring happiness and contentment into my life.

I started doing yoga and meditated. I continued to read a lot of esoteric books. I wanted to go the "spiritual path" and develop myself. So after I stopped looking for fulfillment in other people, I looked for it in the way that seemed to be the right one. At least that's what made me aware of the emergence of the yoga trend wave.

It was clear to me that if I just meditated enough, practiced yoga and maybe someday traveled to an ashram in India, enlightenment would set in.

Somehow it wasn't like that.


Can you guess what i did wrong

I was driven by the search for myself and my personal development, realization, enlightenment, or whatever you like to call it. The thing is, you can't find anything outside that slumbers inside you.

All the while I was looking outside for something that I can only find within myself.

Yoga, meditation, books, energy work, ... All of these are just tools through which we hope to find ourselves.

Perhaps it is easier to achieve the “goal” using these external tools. In any case, they are wonderful means of working on the body, mind and spirit. But in truth you don't need any of that. You only need yourself.

Please don't get me wrong. I do yoga myself, I meditate, I think very highly of energy work and I still read a lot of books. But I have understood that I cannot find my happiness or satisfaction in the outside world. The answer to the question “Who am I?” May come from yourself, from within, from your soul, from your heart - whatever you want to call it.


Okay, I am not enlightened. Therefore, there is no guide here on how to find your enlightenment in five steps.

To be honest, I don't think there is ONE way either. It's a very personal thing. But you have to become aware of one thing.

To be happy and content you have to live in the here and now.

Yes, it's incredibly difficult, and most of the time we only manage it for a few moments.

There are far too many thoughts in our minds. We worry, we have worldly problems, we have to pay our rent.

But behind it all is still your real self. It's always there. You just have to realize it.

Practicing yoga, Qi Gong, Taiji, meditation, prayers, etc. helps us to find ourselves. It helps us because we can't believe it could be much easier. Our minds get in the way. That is why we meditate, go to yoga regularly and hope to find fulfillment in it.

Even if you manage to be completely in the here and now in meditation, or if you experience enlightened moments in yoga, the reason is still yourself.

As long as you feel driven and look outside for something that you have inside you all the time, you are blind to it and of course you cannot find it.

As I said, I am not enlightened. I also struggle with everyday problems. I, too, sometimes let my feelings, emotions, and mind guide me. I'm not always in the here and now.

But it gave me a lot and made me so much calmer to realize that I don't need anything to be complete. I already am.

I still meditate and I think it's really important too. I enjoy practicing yoga, Qi Gong and Taiji. It is incredibly good for me and it makes me feel great. That’s why I’m not going to stop. After all, we still have a body to take care of as long as we are allowed to live in it.

But I'm no longer driven by the search for something. I'm not looking for anything outside. That makes life so much easier.

You can of course do the things that you think will get you where you want to go. Everyone has to go their own way. And maybe your journey will also bring you to the desired result. Maybe you need this journey to realize that you really didn't need anything.

Because as already written in my article "Feng Shui for the soul", you don't need anything to be happy except yourself.