How well do you know an octopus

3 exciting facts about squid

Squids are cephalopods, live in the ocean, have eight to six arms, and can expel a cloud of ink to confuse attackers. You may already know that, but what about these facts about the fascinating animals?

You have blue blood

We humans have red blood - of course, you know that if you've ever had a nosebleed or cut your finger. But did you know that squid blood is blue? Instead of our iron-containing hemoglobin, a copper-containing substance called hemocyanin ensures the transport of oxygen in the blood - and turns it blue instead of red.

You have three hearts

And how is blood transported through the body in the first place? Exactly, the heart pumps it everywhere. In cuttlefish there are even three hearts: a “main heart” and two “support hearts” next to the gills. Squids need this extra heart power in order to provide their bodies with a good supply of oxygen while they move through the ocean.

You are very smart

Squids look very different from us humans, but they are similar to us in many ways. For example, they really like to play, can open screw caps with their arms and even make tools out of things like coconut shells. And their intelligence goes even further: researchers have found that octopuses don't fill their bellies with a boring meal like crabs if they know that their favorite dish is shrimp in the evening. Pretty smart!

What you can do

Lock up such fascinating and clever animals as squid? Please do not! Instead of visiting a zoo or an aquarium with octopuses, watch a documentary that shows how the animals live in freedom - or check out the library to see if you can find a book with even more octopus facts!