How good is Facebook as a company

Problems With Facebook & Instagram Ads: The Most Common Errors And Their Solutions

Hello Phillip,

since I saw that you were still active in April, I'll write a little paragraph here.

I myself have relatively moderate experience with Facebook / Intagram Ads and have already successfully invested 4 digits.

For a good 2 weeks, Facebook has been blocking (almost - I'll get to that in a moment) everything that I upload to my website. Even contributions that I advertise that once worked without a hitch. Always with the reason: "Non-functional landing page".

To fix this error I tried everything I could to get my ads working again. I redesigned my entire website, redesigned the forms, tested buttons, completely redesigned tracking and conversion events, used shortlinks, alternative leadgen pages, different type forms, tested an old version of my website that worked at the time, tested access via a US -Proxy simulated, SSL encryption switched off and on, new advertising accounts set up, new pixels created and new campaigns aligned accordingly, my GDPR data protection completely revised, various content tried out, my entire content library on Facebook revised and hours spent doing my campaigns again and to revise and check for functionality and the error is the same over and over and over again ...

And now for almost: The only strange thing is that a single ad that leads directly to the website is active and all the same mistakes were made as with the others.

And before I completely lose my mind, I have come to the point that I want to get professional help, for which I am also willing to pay something. :-D

Maybe you still have experience with this error, you can find my LP website below.

I am very happy to receive your feedback.

best regards
Julian :-)