What are the calories in hazelnut coffee

Coffeecube hazelnut coffee 220 g

Product Information

Contents / packaging size:

220 g

Packing material:


Alcohol content (in vol.%):

Not specified


"Coffeecube" is a highland coffee that is provided with the finest natural aromas after the roasting process, without any added sugar. The respective admixtures of high-quality Arabica coffees in different proportions result in a unique taste. After the beans have cooled down, they are sprayed with natural aromas and then have to rest for about 12 hours so that the aromas can be fully absorbed into the beans and the unique taste of "Coffeecube" can develop. In the flavors: Spanish caramel, chocolate orange, strawberry cream, vanilla, hazelnut, coconut.

Ingredients / ingredients:

100% arabica coffee - ground with a hazelnut aroma.

Vitamins / minerals:

Not specified

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