Will tattooing hurt

Where does it hurt the least?

Advanced tattoos: where does it hurt the most?

Whenever the needle sticks directly on the bone, the pain is great. This means, on the one hand, the head - according to tattoo artists, the top part hurts the most, i.e. more than the sides. And on the other hand, ribs or the sternum or elbows and knees. The closer the needle to the bone, the more uncomfortable it is.

In the chest area, women are usually a little more sensitive than men. Both sexes complain of pain in the armpits and neck. The bottom shouldn't be underestimated either. Because although there is a thick layer of fat and muscle here, the skin is very thin and sensitive. So this tattoo spot is also not recommended for beginners.

The hands and feet are also very painful when tattooing. It starts with the wrists, as there are so many nerves going through here and the skin is very thin. The inner surfaces of the hands and feet are extremely rarely tattooed, which is partly due to the fact that tattooing hurts the most there and partly because it is usually not permanent. Because these tattoos are the hardest to get and the chances that the tattoo artist will properly tattoo the inner surfaces of the hands or the soles of the feet. The needle has to place the color exactly in the right skin layer, which is a special case for hands and feet due to the special nature of the skin.