What are great ideas for a honeymoon

The 8 best tips for a cheap honeymoon

The honeymoon doesn't always have to be expensive. We have put together 8 best ideas how a honeymoon can be cheap and still unforgettable and exciting.

The honeymoon is one of the most beautiful traditions of a wedding. After the wedding, it gives the bride and groom some rest and time for each other. Popular destinations are of course dream beaches such as the Maldives, Seychelles or Bali. However, these destinations are not the cheapest way to spend your honeymoon.

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Of course, you can also get the honeymoon as a gift, but if you don't choose this option, you should read the next tips carefully.

Tip # 1: Less (or shorter) is more

Better a week of unforgettable luxury than 2 weeks of ordinary mediocrity. If you can only afford a week of luxury, then enjoy this week to the fullest.

If you still have a second week of vacation, then you can have a really good time at home. No housework, no renovations and no moving - just relaxing together.

Right on trend: the minimoon, a short honeymoon that you can spend in Austria or Mallorca, for example. More on this in the article "Minimoon: Where you can relax and enjoy your short honeymoon".

Tip # 2: Postpone the honeymoon

Most weddings take place between June and August. Unfortunately, of course, this is also one of the most expensive times to travel. The honeymoon is in the same period as the Whitsun and summer holidays. If you want your honeymoon cheaper, just postpone it to a few months after the wedding.

From the end of August the prices for the dream destinations will drop and you may then be able to afford the dream vacation after all. It may not be as romantic as after the wedding, but besides the low prices it also has other advantages, such as less stress.

Tip no. 3: Why wander into the distance ...

... when the good is so close? If you stay close for your honeymoon, your honeymoon is the cheapest. For one or the other, this does not seem to be an option, because one always imagined the honeymoon differently.

But what is the honeymoon actually about? What do you actually want to experience? Many couples enthusiastically talk about their 2-week honeymoon in the Black Forest or a nice guesthouse in Bavaria. There you have your peace and quiet and can really concentrate on each other and relax. Greece, for example, offers a lot of new and adventurous facets. You can read more about this in our article "Discover Greece and its islands on your honeymoon" or you can test it extraordinary honeymoon on a houseboat - very few can report about it.

Before the honeymoon turns into financial agony or has to be postponed all the time, it is better to just take 2 weeks for each other instead of hoping for the perfect trip for years. And later you can still enjoy the big trip as a second honeymoon ...

Tip # 4: Forego a little luxury

Sounds like a pretty simple honeymoon tip. But speaking from experience, you don't necessarily need the honeymoon suite on Meeru. The islands of the Maldives and Mauritius are so impressive in themselves that you don't even notice that you haven't booked one or the other luxury.

It's the honeymoon. It's about time together with your partner. A sunset together on the beach is always beautiful. Whether a jacuzzi is waiting for you in the room or not.

All inclusive doesn't always have to be. Those who do not want to have cocktails every evening (which is certainly not a good idea) will certainly get along very well with half board.

Tip # 5: Avoid the typical (and expensive) honeymoon destinations

Of course, it sounds wonderful when you can say that you spent your honeymoon in the Maldives in a honeymoon suite. But goals like these have their price, of course.

There are wonderful destinations where you can spend your honeymoon cheaply. They don't sound that good, but they offer the same luxury for the same price. These goals include e.g. Thailand, Malaysia or India. In these countries it costs much less.

Tip No. 6: Backpacking instead of a luxury honeymoon

Backpacking doesn't sound like a rest and a honeymoon. This may be. But I can promise one thing: You won't get to know the world cheaper than backpacking. In some regions of the world, e.g. South America and Southeast Asia, there are beach huts on the most wonderful beaches in the world for less than 15 € / night. Of course not with the same luxury as the Honeymoon Suite. But see tip no.4.

And no other honeymoon gives so much opportunity to spend so much time with the newly minted spouse. When backpacking, you spend almost every single minute together. Every backpacker can confirm that such a trip is one of the most intense times you will ever experience.

So why not choose the honeymoon for such an experience?

Tip No. 7: The cheapest honeymoon: Ask friends and acquaintances

Most probably know someone who owns a vacation home or a house by the lake. And if not, then you definitely know someone who knows someone who owns a vacation home.

Just ask friendly if you can use the apartment for your honeymoon. Explain your situation and most will be happy to help.

Tip no. 8: Be flexible and take advantage of offers

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