How frightening is the juvenile prison

Acid victim receives scary letters from prison inmate

Two years after the acid attack on a young woman in Hanover, the 29-year-old is still very afraid of the perpetrator's release from prison. "He writes to me from prison. The tone is that I'm lying and it's my own fault," said Vanessa M√ľnstermann of the German press agency. The young woman's face has been severely disfigured since the attack by her ex-boyfriend on February 15, 2016. With the last letter before Christmas, she went to the police: "I was told that there was nothing in it for an investigation, because everything was an expression of opinion."

When the Hanoverian walked around the block with her dog two years ago, her ex-boyfriend stepped out of a bush and poured the acid on her face. The man was sentenced to twelve years in prison for aggravated assault.

A year ago Vanessa M√ľnstermann founded the association "Excellent" to help people in a similar situation. On the coming Sunday (February 18th) she invites you to a reception to thank supporters and to show face together with other affected persons. As early as Thursday (February 15), WDR television will be showing a portrait of the young woman's life after the acid attack in its "People up close" series. (dpa)