Someone is using pirated operating systems

What are the risks of using pirated Windows 10

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Millions of people are using pirated Windows all over the world, that's a fact. And frankly, it makes sense for them to do that. Especially in developing countries, where the price of the Windows license is equal to the monthly salary.

Of course, the biggest benefit of pirated Windows is that it's free. If you are not a power user, using a non-original copy will not affect your experience. Especially with all of these activators and hacking tools available online.

Pirating Windows has been a practice for years and is still very active even with Windows 10. People who use this type of Windows usually only have price in mind, but they ignore various risks associated with using pirated Windows.

Since we care about the safety of our readers and of course we do not recommend the use of pirated software, we are going to list the most common risks involved in using a pirated version of Windows 10. So if you are currently using pirated Windows 10, please keep this information in mind.

Why using pirated Windows 10 is risky

It's about a ’good’ activator

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Let's start with an application that makes this whole Windows 10 pirated thing possible - Windows Activator. We are not going to dig deep into how this tool works, but the principle is very simple. You simply install the pirated operating system, open the activator, press a key and you have a fully functional Windows 10 operating system.

The performance of your pirated Windows 10 is highly dependent on the quality of the activator. If the activator is a ’good’, you should be able to keep Windows 10 running smoothly for months. If you choose an 'unreliable' activator, you can get a broken system from day one.

But no matter how 'quality' activator you use, you never know when your system might break. If that happens, you will be in big trouble.

Missing updates

Pirated Windows 10 cannot receive updates. And since updates are perhaps the most important aspect of the system, they will break a big circle. Back to the activators, there are a few that allow you to get Windows updates on a pirated copy of Windows 10, but you never know when the next update will interfere with your changed configuration and fake your system.

Perhaps the greatest danger of not receiving regular updates is that you miss out on security patches that make your system vulnerable to various attacks. But more on that later in this article.

In plain English, you just can't expect to be running an ingenious copy of Windows 10 and getting regular updates forever. You do the math yourself and decide whether it is worth it or not.

Performance can suffer

In order for your pirated Windows 10 version to work, pirates will need to make certain changes in the system's ecosystem. These changes often cripple the system and render some other functions unusable. So there's a great chance that you can't do everything that users can with a Geninue system.

Performance depends on how good a pirated copy is. So you could install a copy that won't even run at startup, or you could come across a near-perfect copy. Again, this is all pure gambling and can lead to many problems.

Security attack risk

A large part of cyber attacks around the world take place on pirated systems. Why? Well, as mentioned earlier, you cannot receive all security updates on a pirated copy of Windows, which makes your computer a perfect target for various cyber criminals.

Okay, we know you probably think it won't happen to you, but cybercrime is at its highest right now, an it can only go up. So, think again, do you want to lose your sensitive data to a cybercriminal just because you're using a non-real version of Windows 10?

Cannot use all applications and services

Finally, if you are a fan of Microsoft's services and applications, we have bad news for you, they will not work on a pirated system. Of course, there are also pirated versions of Microsoft's program, such as Office, but installing another pirated program can only lead to more problems. And by more problems, we mean more vulnerabilities that can attract hacker sharks.

Buying apps from the Windows Store isn't going to be the most pleasant experience of your life either. Because Microsoft will find that you are making a purchase from a non-original system and you may end up with a suspended account.

Wrap up

As you can see, using a pirated copy of Windows 10 comes with a handful of risks that can go much deeper than just destroying your system. Even if the price of the original product is too high for someone, it is not worth it in the long run.

What do you think of Windows 10's use of pirated software? Are you ready to take the risk or do you prefer to play it safe and legally? Let us know in the comments below.

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