What are the causes of metamorphosis

Information on the Metamorphosis method


The term metamorphosis comes from the Greek and means something like change, transformation or change. The method of the same name is a further development of the foot reflex zone massage, in which the reflex zones on the feet and hands, on the head and on the back are massaged. The aim of the method is to achieve physical and mental changes in the patient.


The English naturopath and reflexologist Robert St. John (1914-1996), based on his observations in the treatment of patients, came to the view in the 1950s that difficulties arising during life were related to prenatal imprints. Then St. John developed its own form of therapy based on the principles of zone therapy and foot reflexology and which was initially known as prenatal therapy: Robert St. John added his own system of points to the existing reflex points can influence the personal experiences of the person before their own birth. The further development and addition of prenatal therapy led to the renaming of the method in Metamorphosis.


The metamorphosis is based on the idea that the causes of physical and mental disorders are to be sought in the time before birth. According to the Metamorphosis therapists, it is possible to gain access to the patient's prenatal period by gently touching certain reflex points and zones on the head, back and hands and feet. Treatment aims to relieve tension. In this way, a healing process is to be set in motion, which affects both the physical and the psychological level.

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