Lionel Messi is a good captain

Deliberate 'mistakes': Messi is forgiving after Barça chaos

After the loud and always public dispute about his whereabouts, the Argentine superstar is apparently trying to ease the situation. "After so much disagreement, I want to put an end to this," said the 33-year-old in an interview with the daily newspaper "Sport" and at the same time demanded: "As Barcelona fans, we have to unite and believe that the best is yet to come."

His unmistakable message to the fans: "There should be no doubt that I just wanted to do everything for the club." If "La Pulga" made mistakes themselves, "it was only to make Barça stronger and better". Messi also announced that he would take "responsibility for my mistakes".

In terms of sport, Barcelona - and Messi too - quickly found their way to the league start. Last weekend, the captain scored in the safe 4-0 against Villarreal with a penalty.

"Combine passion with zeal and motivation"

Messi's plan for the coming - possibly his last - months in Barcelona? "Combining passion with zeal and motivation will be the only way to achieve our goals and always strive together in the same direction," said the six-time world footballer.

Messi had wanted to leave Barcelona in the summer, which those responsible prevented. Messi then announced that he would fulfill his contract, which ran until 2021, but then followed up with severe criticism - especially of club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. The not very stylish separation from buddy Luis Suarez (switched to Atletico and hit the ground running there) also angered Messi.