What does internetworking


Good day,

I live in a dormitory and only have a LAN connection in my room (no telephone socket). Everything is set up so far (Internet works when I connect my laptop to it with a network cable).

But I would also like to connect other devices to the Internet or have WLAN access. My parents gave me an old Telekom Speedport Entry that I would like to use as an access point (?). After doing a long research, I understood that this should be possible, but somehow it still doesn't work and I don't know what the problem is.

I'll describe the process in as much detail as possible:

  • Gray DSL connection of the Speedport Entry with network cable connected to the LAN and to the power supply
  • All 5 LEDs (Power, DSL, Online, WLAN, Telephony) flash a few times, then only Power and WLAN light up
  • I can connect to the router with my laptop, signal strength: excellent but "no internet access"
  • So first tried to reconfigure -> pressed into the "reset" hole with a thin object
  • On the laptop, the configuration page is called up via the browser with speedport.ip and logged in with the device password
  • Configuration - Network - Internet access: "Other provider" (instead of Telekom) selected for DSL connection; For Internet access data: User name, password, own IP address and DNS server entered, "Always online" ticked. (What is "MTU"?)
  • Configuration - Network - LAN: in the case of the IP address gateway, the last digit 1 is replaced by 2 and the DHCP function is deactivated (I have read that this step is probably necessary to use the Speedport Entry as an access point)
  • When I go to Save in Network / Internet, a small window appears with the message "The test of the Internet connection failed. The DSL connection is disrupted. Check whether the DSL cable is connected correctly. [...]"
  • I asked myself if it was because I needed a telephone connection, but I also read there that it should actually be enough to plug it into the LAN.

I'm sorry, I don't know my way around, I don't know whether I made a mistake in the configuration or whether the problem is with the Speedport Entry itself. I am also not very familiar with all the technical terms, when I tried to describe the problem to my brother on the phone, he said, I should google for the keywords distributor, hub and amplifier - but I didn't find anything helpful either . Maybe there was a misunderstanding and we kind of talked past each other or something ...

I really hope that someone here has an idea what I can / should do.