Does the world need paper wasps

Species in self-portrait - «Hello, I'm the field wasp! And I won't hurt you! Really!"

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Don't worry, I'm completely peaceful and don't care about your food. So don't get nervous and let me tell you about us field wasps.

  • Visually, we resemble real wasps, we also dress in black and yellow warning colors. What distinguishes us, however, is that when we fly we let our hind legs hang down very long. It just looks cool.
  • Many are afraid of a wasp sting, but we are a very peaceful species. We are not aggressive at all. We only fly an attack if you want to destroy our home.
  • We can be found almost everywhere in the world in a wide variety of forms. Here in Switzerland we differ from each other mainly in the way we build nests. Some are more likely to be found on the roofs of houses, some of us prefer natural nesting places such as plant stems or stones.
    Unlike other wasp species, our nests are not protected by a cover, but are completely open. That is why we love warm and dry nesting sites. So it can sometimes happen that we immortalize ourselves structurally in a disused watering can.

Insect Day, 19.09.2019

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Studies show that there are fewer and fewer insects. Over 40% of insects in Switzerland are endangered. On the 2nd Day of the Insects, around 300 experts and committed people from all over Switzerland will meet in Aarau to jointly forge plans against insect death. The conference, link opens in a new window, is organized by BirdLife Switzerland and Insect Respect.

  • Our nests are made of paper-like material that we produce from chewed wood fibers. That's why people like to call us paper wasps. So let's just lie around the old wood, we can still do something with it.
  • Our nest is not always ruled by just one queen, no, we are very social there and allow several ladies to enjoy the glory. In the end, only one is in charge. In addition, we like our home, we don't like to curb so much.

  • In autumn we retire to our homes like you humans. We also like to be cozy and warm and don't like to freeze.
  • Our food mostly consists of carbohydrate-containing plant nectar from the umbelliferous species. However, when we raise our brood, we need protein. We get this from insect food such as flies or mosquitoes. You see, we are very useful to you! Be happy when we move in with you in the garden, your barbecue evening is certainly a little mosquito-free than without us.
  • Did you know that a completely newly discovered species of field wasp lives in Switzerland? In 2008, Rainer Neumeyer discovered a delicate field wasp that was not in a swamp at Greifensee. Their antennae are black at the top, not yellow. It is now called the Swiss field wasp.

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Vanessa Schulz

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