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Scientific innovations

Corner exclusive treatment methods, with spectacular results

Guinot has developed innovative devices with which new, revolutionary treatment methods can be carried out.

L'Hydradermie Cellular Energy

A tailor-made youth treatment with Hydradermie, personalized according to your beauty goal

The aging process begins with birth. The skin cells become less active.
The cells lack energy and they multiply much more slowly.
Elastic fibers are synthesized more slowly and the first signs of aging appear.
Hydradermie Jeunesse is a patented treatment method that restores the cell activity of youthful skin.
This treatment, which is tailored to your personal beauty goal (anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, nourishing, emollient, cleansing, brightening, sun prep / repair, etc.) is only performed by Mary Cohr professionals who have undergone quality training to have.

A sensible alternative to aesthetic medicine

Hydradermie Jeunesse works immediately to reduce the signs of aging.
At the end of the treatment, the skin is visibly more youthful, supple, radiant and firmer.


This professional treatment combines 3 innovative technologies with the unsurpassed effectiveness of Actiseren applied at the beginning of the treatment.
The results are visible and measurable after just one session!

Double kneading and rolling

This exclusive, state-of-the-art technology ensures faster and more visible results. With the help of aspiration, the massage is carried out in the affected areas in order to reduce the appearance of undesirable curves on the body.

Double ionization

While performing the physical movements of the double kneading and rolling technique, the double ionization also releases active slimming ingredients that, once absorbed, improve and prolong the effectiveness of the treatment.

Thermal effect

The heat-diffusing process softens the fat on the skin's surface and increases the skin's microcirculation. These two actions will improve drainage, soothe and smooth the uneven skin.