Why is the Account Management Tool so important

Key account managementHow to implement an account plan

Most account plans are 10 to 20 pages long. Large international corporations tend to have more extensive account plans that can be up to 50 pages thick.

It makes sense to use a template and coordinate the content of this with the sales management. When it is introduced, it is checked whether the account plan can be completed easily and in a reasonable amount of time. The more customers a sales representative looks after, the more restricted the (quantitative) requirements for an account plan should be, without, however, accepting any loss of quality in terms of content.

In terms of content, an account plan comprises four sections:

  • Customer analysis with presentation of the business model, products and challenges of the account
  • Position of your own company including sales successes and competitive position
  • Sales goals with business development planning and financial indicators
  • Operational measures, deadlines, team, budget

Another component of an account plan is a management summary and a decision template for budget-relevant and business-critical topics. The scope and content should be based on the company's requirements. In any case, a smart, flexible and simple solution should be preferred.

During the roll-out, a kick-off event with the sales managers is recommended to ensure acceptance of the account plan. Which content is best created in an account plan and how can be conveyed through sample documents.