What is a Tableau workbook

Create or open workbooks

A workbook contains one or more sheets, which can be a worksheet, dashboard, or story. You can use workbooks to organize, save, and publish your results.

Create or open a workbook

A new blank workbook opens automatically when Tableau is opened.

To create a new workbook select File> New.

click to open an existing workbook on the workbook thumbnail on the home page.

You can open multiple workbooks at the same time. Each workbook is displayed in its own window.

Note: When you open multiple workbooks in Tableau Desktop on a Mac, multiple instances of the application are created, each with its own icon in the Dock. This is where the application differs from typical Mac application behavior, where one instance of the application manages all open documents.

Open a workbook with an unsupported data connection on the Mac

If you are working in Tableau Desktop on a Mac computer, you might want to open a Windows workbook that Tableau Desktop on a Mac computer does not support. In this case, proceed as follows:

  1. In Tableau Desktop on Windows, save the workbook as an extract. To create and save an extract, select a data source from the Data menu, then select Extract Data.

  2. Open the extract file (.hyper) you saved in Tableau Desktop on your Mac.

Open a published workbook on the server

If you have been granted Download / Web Save As permission on a published workbook, you can use Tableau Desktop to open the workbook on the server. When you open a workbook on the server and make changes, you can save it to your computer or, if you have been granted Write / Save on Web permission, save the changes directly to the server.

How to open a workbook on the server

  1. Choose Server> Open Workbook.

  2. If you're not already signed in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, please do so when prompted.

    If you're not sure how to sign in to your server, see Signing in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online for more information.

  3. In the Open Workbook from Tableau Server dialog box, select the workbook you want and click Open.

    Tip: You can use the Find drop-down list or the search dialog box to find the workbook you want.

    You can search all workbooks on the server or search by tag, publisher, project, or workbooks you have published.