What allows the FTC to impose fines?

USA: Million fine for usury concert tickets with bots

The FTC has fined three companies - Cartisim Corp., Just In Time Tickets, Inc., and Concert Specials, Inc. - a total of $ 3.7 million in fines as part of an out-of-court settlement. Actually, up to almost 32 million dollars were in the room during the process, but apparently the companies would not have been able to pay this fine. In addition, within the framework of further requirements, they must prove through documentation that they will from now on comply with the law.

The companies were accused of having bought over 150,000 tickets over the past four years using scripts and then reselling them to their own customers at overpriced rates. The bottom line is sales of $ 26.1 million.

Ticket BOTS prohibited

The procedure was a violation of the BOTS law from 2016 (Better Online Ticket Sales), which forbids buying tickets en masse using software and thus circumventing order volume restrictions. It is the first time that the BOTS law has been applied.

Andrew Smith, the FTC's consumer protection director, said, "Not only does such an approach make it impossible for loyal fans to see their favorite artists and their shows, it is also against the law." A judge still has to agree to the settlement.

The FTC complaint does not reveal which concerts and events were involved. However, it does mention various sporting events and concerts by Elton John.


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