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It's the best-selling studio album of all time. Michael Jackson became the "King of Pop" and immortal with "Thriller".

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On December 1, 1982, the most successful studio album of all time was released: Michael Jackson's Thriller. For the birthday there was the record, which was recognized by the "Guiness Book of Records" in 2006 for 104 million copies sold, again new: with a bonus DVD and 5 remix tracks, as well as an unreleased song. Kanye West and Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) were among the producers.

Not only is it the best-selling studio album of all time, the video for the title track "Thriller" is also the best-selling video clip in the pop business. The record was supposed to be called "Starlight" and the title song "Give Me Starlight". What would have been fitting in view of the one-time success: Jackson was the first to use the term "megastar". According to legend, "Billie Jean" should also be named differently. Producer Quincy Jones, who was nominated 77 times for a music Grammy and won 26 of them, wanted to christen the track "Not My Lover" - to avoid confusion with the American tennis player Bille Jean King. The most famous song is and remains the one with the guitar solo. Played by the inevitable Eddie Van Halen: "Beat It"

Template for countless covers

While the beat of "Billie Jean" is sampled, "Beat It" has been covered countless times - among others on the piano by Richard Cheese or in the Latin American merengue garment by Senor Coconut. In the video for "Beat It" Jackson demonstrates his trademarks: his white glove and the moonwalk dance. He didn't invent it himself, but it made it world famous.

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Cover)

The song "Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin" was actually left over from the previous album "Off The Wall" - and was released as the first single. "Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin" was only the first of a total of seven hits from the "Thriller" album in the US top ten. Later, Michael's sister Janet Jackson and Bruce Springsteen also pressed seven singles from an album - but they did not reach Michael's cut: of nine album tracks, only two were not released as single.

"Thriller" is the perfect bastard, the perfect mix of black, soulful R'n'B and white mainstream - god-wanted pop for a society that no longer differentiates between black and white. No wonder that Michael Jackson has to fail again and again on this record of the century and also all others who tried their hand at the cover: If you look at "The Girl Is Mine" in the new recording with Black Eyed Peas singer Will.I. When hearing about the anniversary edition, the logical and familiar counterpart is simply missing, the white Paul McCartney.

"Thriller" still sounds damn modern today and will probably guarantee Michael Jackson the title "King Of Pop" forever. And in today's burner and download times, the record will forever remain unmatched: The album, which was number one for 37 weeks in the USA alone, still sells over 100,000 copies per year there. After that, everything else with Jackson was just one thing: "Bad".