How did Lady Antebellum get her name

Lady Antebellum: Band changes name due to current debate on racism

The "Black Lives Matter" movement triggered by the death of George Floyd is attracting large circles around the world. She also reached out to the American country band Lady Antebellum, who decided to change the band name to Lady A. The reason are connotations to slavery. (Also read: George Floyd - this is how stars react to his death and support the anti-racism protests)

Lady Antebellum is now called Lady A: memories of slavery were unintentional

The hit trio, which is now called Lady A for short, spoke up on June 11, 2020 with a letter to their fans. Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley shared the reason for the name change with their 2.4 million followers via Twitter. "[...] Blind spots we didn't even know existed were exposed. After much personal reflection, band discussions, prayers and many honest conversations with some of our closest black friends and colleagues, we decided to use the word 'antebellum 'to be removed from our name and carried on as Lady A, the nickname our fans have given us since the beginning. "

Lady Antebellum - that is the meaning behind the name

In the United States, the term "antebellum," which comes from Latin and means "before the war," is commonly used to refer to the American Civil War, also known as the Civil War. The states of war that lasted from 1861 to 1865 led to the victory of the northern states and thus the end of slavery in the southern states. The memory of this time through the band name "Lady Antebellum" was unintentional, but apparently there. (Also interesting: Jackie Thomae - how we recognize racism in ourselves)

"We regret and are ashamed that we have not considered the associations that incriminate this word, which refers to the period before the civil war - which also includes slavery," wrote the Grammy winners on Twitter. The country trio apologized for "the pain" the name caused. It was never their intention to hurt anyone, said the musicians.

The three Americans originally named themselves as a band after the location for their first photos - a house in the antebellum architectural style. The London-based record label of Björk and Skunk Anansie is also changing its name. “One Little Indian Records” is now called “One Little Independent Records”. Label boss Derek Birkett tweeted that the name and logo with a stylized indigenous figure with a pipe and a feather in his hair would contribute to stereotypes and racism. The logo will also be replaced.