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Automotive, mechanical engineering, metal construction, architecture, construction ... The use of CAD software is now a matter of course and essential in every industry. But which is the right CAD program for your company? Some programs are too expensive, others do not offer the necessary functions. Do you need 3D CAD? A PDM or CAM interface? Here you will find an overview of all CAD programs that should help you choose the right software for you.

AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD program in the world. Even if AutoCAD has had 3D functions for a number of years, it cannot be compared with parametric 3D construction software such as UGS, Catia etc. AutoCad is still mainly used as a professional 2D drawing program. The AutoCAD Mechanical extension for mechanical engineering offers many additional industry-specific tools and standard libraries. The simplified version of AutoCAD LT dispenses with the 3D functions, but is quick and inexpensive.
AutoCAD can be ordered directly from the Autodesk online shop.
Dassault Systemes
The Catia software from the French manufacturer Dassault Systemes is one of the leading and most extensive 3D CAD systems on the market. With the full range of functions of Catia, the entire product development cycle can be covered. Catia sees itself as a full-fledged PLM solution. Originally developed for aircraft construction, it is mainly used in vehicle construction as well as in mechanical and plant engineering because of its powerful specific tools.
The well-known and widespread CAD software Pro / ENGINEER has been continued by the manufacturer PTC for several years under the name Creo. Creo is a professional and therefore high-priced software package that is composed of many specific modules. The basic package for 2D and 3D constructions contains the standard volume construction, assembly and drawing tools as well as powerful tools for free-form surface modeling, weldment and sheet metal part construction. The basic package can be expanded with modules such as piping, cabling design, FEM tools or a PDM solution Windchill according to your own requirements.
With Inventor, the AutoCAD manufacturer Autodesk is expanding its portfolio for the 3D construction market. Inventor is mainly used in mechanical engineering, tool and plant construction. The basic package offers the usual tools for parametric part modeling and simple sheet metal processing. Extensions such as welding, cable and line modules as well as FEM analysis and kinematics tools are available. Inventor is mainly used by professional users, the license costs for the software are in the upper range.
Siemens AG
Solid Edge is comparable to SolidWorks in terms of functionality and operating concept. Solid Edge covers many CAD work areas such as design, manufacturing, simulation, collaboration, and photo-realistic rendering. Compared to the previous versions, the user interface has become more intuitive thanks to revisions and enables more productive work.
Dassault Systemes
SolidWorks is a CAD software that is widespread worldwide, especially in mechanical engineering, sheet metal processing, tool and plant construction, which is particularly convincing due to its user friendliness. Operation is simple and very intuitive. The training effort is relatively low. The range of functions can be expanded with regard to special tasks, for example by the ability to simulate constructions under realistic conditions.
Siemens AG
NX is a program package established in the professional environment for the areas of CAD, CAM and CAE. It is a powerful system that covers the entire product life cycle. It offers a uniform platform for product development with solutions for development, design, simulation and manufacturing. For almost every industry there are specific modules and functions that, for example, simplify and accelerate the design and simulation process.
Franzis Verlag GmbH
3D DesignCAD is an option especially for the hobby and DIY sector. For low acquisition costs, users are able to design in 2D and 3D. The program offers the usual tools for creating constructions. Toolkits are available for the joinery, mechanical engineering and architecture sectors. CAD beginners should be satisfied with the penultimate generation of DesignCAD, which is available free of charge.
Nemetschek AG
The Allplan software, with its various program packages, is aimed on the one hand at architects and planners and on the other at engineering and planning offices and building contractors. In addition to the practical creation and visualization of building models, Allplan offers numerous functions to ensure cost transparency during the entire planning and project process.
Graphisoft Germany GmbH
As the name of the software suggests, Archicad is primarily aimed at architects and civil engineers. With the new version, the number of libraries has increased significantly, which contain countless models from different areas. As an additional module, the EcoDesigner offers the option of calculating the energy requirements of a design. Free versions of Archicad are offered to schoolchildren, students, and educational institutions.
Graebert GmbH
The 3D software Ares Commander is in the middle class. In addition to the modeler, it has a renderer to present the created objects in the right light. Ares Commander is available in many different languages. Various programming interfaces are available to expand and adapt the range of functions according to your own requirements.
AutoQ3D sees itself as a very inexpensive and simplified version of AutoCAD. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that the commands are very close to those of AutoCAD. Drafts are possible in 2D and 3D. Getting started is quick and easy. The hardware requirements are comparatively low.
BricsCAD is a powerful CAD software platform that combines the usual functions, advanced 2D tools and an intelligent 3D modeler. The very good compatibility with AutoCAD is particularly noteworthy. Compatible programming interfaces mean that third-party solutions can often be run without changing the source code. BricsCAD is positioned in the middle price segment and is available for Windows and Linux.
Jürgen Riegel, Werner Mayer
The FreeCAD software is developed open source and licensed under the GPL or LGPL. Use is therefore free of charge for private and commercial purposes. FreeCAD is mainly focused on mechanical engineering, but also on product design. It should be emphasized that a Python interface enables parametric design of objects. So far, FreeCAD is not very feature rich, but the development process is progressing quickly.
ISD Software and Systems GmbH
The HiCAD CAD system enables 2D and 3D drafts. It offers industry-specific functions for machine and plant construction, sheet metal processing, steel construction as well as glass, metal and facade construction. In addition, HiCAD combines not only construction tools, but also aids for product data management and thus pursues a holistic construction and management process.
CAD Schroer GmbH
The German manufacturer CAD-Schroer is expanding the 2D solution with drawing-based 3D modeling. This makes it possible to create simple 3D models from 2D data even without 3D modeling knowledge. The training effort is low when switching from pure 2D CAD. However, the options offered are comparatively few. Modules for sheet metal processing and pipe construction are available. CAD Schroer GmbH offers Medusa4 Personal free of charge for non-commercial use. The 2D / 3D construction system is available for Windows and Linux.
Megatech Software GmbH
MegaCAD is a 2D / 3D software for free design without restrictions. The program combines the advantages of parametric, history-based modeling with the user-friendliness of a direct, history-free modeling approach. MegaCAD is mainly used in the field of mechanical engineering, special machine construction as well as sheet metal and metal processing. MegaCAD also offers suitable tools for architects and civil engineers.
Delcam GmbH
The PowerShape software offers a particularly large number of options in the modeling process, as it can be used to create and edit surface, volume and wire frame models using a hybrid modeler. This makes it possible to model extremely creatively, which makes the software particularly interesting for non-technical applications such as product design. The manufacturer offers the 3-D modeler PowerSHAPE-e for free download on its website.
The manufacturer progeSOFT sees its software progeCAD as a direct competitor to AutoCAD. The software offers fewer functions than the original, but the price for a single license is only a fraction. The two concepts of porgeCAD are based on that of AutoCAD, so that it is easy to switch between the systems.
Technical and Administrative Computer Systems GmbH
Rukon is a CAD system for general 2D / 3D construction, for machine and apparatus construction. The software offers a solid functional basis and is particularly geared towards building and house technology. With additional packages, Rukon can be expanded with regard to special requirements in the areas of air conditioning, plumbing, heating and pipeline construction.
TurboCAD is a low-budget solution with extensive construction tools. In addition to parametric volume and surface construction, Boolean 2D & 3D operations, nurbs and deformation modeling, TurboCAD supports various import and export file formats such as DXF, DWG, STL, IGES and STEP. In addition to the full version TurboCAD Platinum, the even cheaper version TurboCAD 2D / 3D is offered. The simplest version, TurboCAD 2D, can be downloaded free of charge.

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