What did you learn from babysitting kids

Babysitter: Small checklist for the babysitter

All parents need a short children's break every now and then: in the evening, going out to dinner for two, going to the cinema together or going to a concert evening. But does that also work with the babysitter? And what if the kids wake up? A few small preparations are enough to take away the fear and make child care easier for the babysitter.

Which babysitter is the right one?

Child care is often underestimated. Often babysitters are hired who are still children themselves. But you should be aware that a babysitter is responsible for one or more children for a few hours.

Babysitters placed by agencies have often completed a babysitting course. There they learned how to wrap and feed, as well as the most important things about first aid. The daughter next door or the student next door should explain to parents exactly what to do if the child is not doing well.

A babysitter should know the following:

  • How does the evening ritual usually work? When do the children have to sleep, can they watch TV?
  • Which favorite book, favorite activity do the children have?
  • How should the babysitter react when the child wakes up? Take out, give a drink, play?
  • Is the child a little sick right now?
  • Does he have to take certain medications?
  • Does the child suffer from allergies?
  • Certainly not allowed to eat food?
  • Where is the medicine cabinet and what does it contain?
  • Under which phone numbers can parents and reliable neighbors be reached?
  • How do you alert the ambulance service, emergency doctor or fire brigade?
  • What phone number does the poison control center have?

Important documents for the babysitter:

Create a babysitting folder. Include:

  • Your cell phone number and where you can be reached
  • Some cash for unforeseen situations
  • A brief description of how the TV or DVD player remote controls work.
  • The number of the child emergency number and the poison control center
  • On the same note: your first and last name and the exact address
  • The child's insurance card
  • Spare keys for your house or apartment
  • Pen and paper for notes
  • The babysitting contract

Should you sign a real contract with the Baybsitter?

Some prefer it in black and white. This regulates: scope of support, failure, payment, insurance, etc. Here you can send a babysitting contract as a blank form free download. The contract was drawn up and kindly made available by the City Parents' Council - Without Borders e.V. Leipzig.

Give instructions regarding calls:

  • Should the babysitter take calls?
  • May he provide information, e.g. B. that you are not there and will not come back for x hours?
  • Should he write down the time, name and phone number?

Provide in the kitchen:

  • A drink for the babysitter and something to nibble on.
  • Your children's favorite drink (or a drinking bottle) in case they wake up and are thirsty.

What you should clarify with the babysitter:

  • Does the babysitter agree if you also transfer the wages? You can recover the costs for childcare from income tax (single-income couples as special expenses, double earners as operating expenses or income-related expenses). However, the tax office does not recognize cash payments. The bank statement or a babysitting contract are proof of this.
  • Insurance theme. The babysitter should have liability insurance. Young people are mostly with their parents. But: Many insurance companies do not pay if the damage occurs within an employment against payment. The policy should therefore be extended or apply specifically to "care on behalf". It is up to the sitter to clear this up.
  • On the subject of accident insurance: Strictly speaking, your babysitter falls into this category Domestic help and must therefore be legally insured against accidents. The employer - i.e. you - is responsible for this: you must report domestic help within the first week (to the accident insurance agency or the mini job center, annual contribution around 50 euros). Yes, even if he only comes for a few hours now and then. Otherwise there is a risk of a fine of up to 2,500 euros. Nobody knows, nobody does either. Still, it has to be here. Detailed information under www.unfallkassen.de