What birth control clears acne


Many years ago, after stopping my previous pill, I had no bleeding at all for months, then heavy bleeding for weeks. After a blood and hormone test, my then new gynecologist first prescribed the Madinette (unfortunately I couldn't take it), then the Aristelle. I had known for a number of years that I had "too many male hormones" and blisters on the ovaries, but I did not realize that PCOS was being scolded.
Although I couldn't stand the structurally identical Valette a few years ago, I tried it anyway and lo and behold, it worked wonderfully. Mentally things went a bit downhill, my skin became super dry (it also had no more greasy hair) and my discharge smelled strange, but I somehow got along with it. Nevertheless, the pill did its job - after the initial pill breaks, I later switched to the long-term cycle and was able to take the pill without any problems. There was only very rare intermenstrual bleeding and when it did, it was due to a mistake in taking it or other complaints. This is really a positive point for the pill!
A few years later I was faced with food intolerances and developed heartburn more often from many foods. I also puzzled forever about the severe abdominal cramps after which I was able to set the clock and which sometimes occurred at night as a cramp attack with a bright red discharge. At first I observed this pain after certain foods, but after I found out that it was really the uterus and intestines "communicating" with each other, I immediately thought of endometriosis and even wanted to have a tummy tuck and colonoscopy. I was always completely exhausted after these pain attacks, especially if I still had them while at work.
I even switched to Dienovel (same preparation, but different or less fillers), but unfortunately that didn't change anything.
At some point I had read about the fact that pills in general can change the intestinal flora and that was finally a reason for me (apart from the risk of thrombosis) to try another pill. So for years I believed that I had endometriosis, histamine intolerance and gluten sensitivity, among other things, but after switching pills to Cerazette I realized that suddenly all of these symptoms were gone. I could eat whatever I wanted and never once had that hell of a pain again!
Since the Cerazette unfortunately did not help, I switched back to Aristelle / Dienovel for a while and after less than 3 weeks I was surprised by the pain again.
Now I know 100% that these nonsensical symptoms have come from the pill over the years and not because the body has developed some kind of intolerance over the years. It's like the pill broke my gut.
I am really relieved since I knew this and am now taking a second generation pill.

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