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STYLEBOOK-Talk - which foundation is the best?

By Anna-Lena Osterburg | April 19, 2021, 4:59 p.m.

Foundation is the basis of every make-up. Ideally, it ensures an even complexion, makes blemishes and redness disappear, but should still not look too pasted or mask-like. Our author prefers to use stronger coverage and a long hold and has tested 5 liquid make-ups for STYLEBOOK, from cheap to expensive. The result is available in the video and for reading!

STYLEBOOK talk! Which foundation is convincing?

5 foundations in the test

Catrice "HD Liquid Coverage Foundation" in "Light Beige" in the test

Packing and texture: The first inexpensive foundation in our test comes in a high-quality glass flacon with a pipette. This takes getting used to for the job at first, but in the end it is practical and cannot be solved any other way. Because: The foundation is extremely liquid, it would run out of a simple pump attachment.

Opacity: The make-up promises high, but natural coverage - is that even possible with such a liquid texture? In fact, yes. The foundation can be easily incorporated with the Beauty Blender and reliably covers redness on the face. The result looks evenly after application.

Durability: A 24 hour stop is promised - but that is of course completely exaggerated. The foundation looks great at the beginning of the day, but after a short time it begins to crumble. At the end of the day, there isn't much make-up left around the nose and on the chin. Instead, the make-up crumbles in an unpleasant way and is deposited in wrinkles.

Price-performance: 30 ml cost around 7 euros. That's not much, actually, but almost too much for the foundation to look really good only for a brief moment.

Conclusion: 2.5 / 5 stars- because the hold is mediocre and the paint crumbles, but the finish looks nice immediately after application.

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Revlon "Colorstay Make-up Natural / Dry Skin" in "Ivory"

Packing and texture: Until some time ago, the liquid make-up came in a glass bottle without any dosing aid, but there is now a pump attachment - luckily, because without aids the dosage was extremely difficult and a lot of the product went wrong. The foundation isn't as runny as Catrice's, but it's still runny enough to drip off your hand.

Opacity: The somewhat thicker texture is unfortunately not reflected in the opacity, which is very subtle - even though the make-up promises "flawless coverage". Full coverage can hardly be mentioned here, not even slight redness is covered. The effect: minimal!

Durability: It is advertised with a 24-hour stop and again too much of a good thing is promised. The foundation holds up relatively well, but after a few hours of wear, less of the foundation can be seen than immediately after the application.

Price-performance: 30 ml cost around 12 euros - this puts the foundation in the middle of the range in terms of price. For the money you don't get a full coverage foundation, but at least you get a solid, light liquid make-up.

Conclusion:3/5 stars- The foundation doesn't quite live up to its promises when it comes to coverage, but it is a solid choice for those who want a natural look.

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Manhattan "Endless Perfection Make Up Foundation" in "Light Porcelain" in the test

Packing and texture: The liquid make-up comes in a glass bottle with a pump attachment. What is immediately noticeable: The texture is much thicker than the other products in the test. And: The make-up smells unpleasantly perfumed, a clear minus point.

Opacity: The foundation promises high coverage with a flawless finish, but it doesn't do it justice. Despite the very thick consistency, the coverage is more than disappointing - you might as well not wear a foundation.

Durability: The foundation also fails in terms of durability. At first you hardly see it at all (because of the very light opacity), then after a while it becomes visible on the skin in an unpleasant way, settles on dry areas, in wrinkles and around the nose and does exactly that what she shouldn't.

Price-performance: Hardly any coverage, hardly any shelf life - even 7 euros for 30 ml are too much for that!

Conclusion: 1/5 stars- for me personally a very clear fail!

Maybelline "Superstay 24h Make-up" in "True Ivory"

Packing and texture: The foundation comes in the usual glass flacon with a pump attachment. The texture is neither extremely fluid nor creamy, but something in between. The combination of packaging and texture ensures precise dosing and easy application.

Opacity: A particularly high pigmentation is advertised - and you will not be disappointed! The product is easy to apply and even easier to blend. It also reliably covers redness and impurities in a thin layer, but there is still a slight glow that prevents a mask-like look - great!

Durability: The “Superstay” makeup really deserves its name, it lasts all day. 24 hours may be excessive here too, but 9 hours in the office are not a problem. The make-up is still in place in the evening - (almost) as if fresh after application.

Price-performance: 30 ml cost around 10 euros - a fair offer. There's a really good product for the money.

Conclusion: 5/5 stars- The Foundation convinces me all along the line, I still use it every day.

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Bareminerals “BarePro Performance Wear SPF 20” foundation in “Porcelain” in the test

Packing and texture: The foundation is also bottled in glass, but there is no dosage aid. So you just have to tip the product onto your hand and then spread it with a sponge, brush or fingers. Unfortunately, a lot of product is lost because the make-up is already pretty liquid. This is a shame, especially with the relatively high price.

Opacity: The Bareminerals Foundation can convince in terms of opacity. Applying and distributing is no problem, everything is evenly covered, but a natural glow is retained - that's how it should be. Big plus: The Foundation comes with SPF 20, so not only covers, but also protects.

Durability: The Bareminerals Foundation performs across the board. The make-up stays in place all day in wind and weather, does not slip or smear. There is nothing more to expect.

Price-performance: 30 ml cost around 34 euros - not a bargain, but the foundation also convinces with top quality.

Conclusion: 4.5 / 5 stars - half a point deduction for the comparatively high price.

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