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In conversation: Flo Osrainik ("The Corona Dossier")

Flo Osrainik is from Munich, is a publicist and, like many people during the “Corona period”, had to part with some friends. Those who live in the capital of the so-called “Free State” are anything but free these days, neither as a Munich citizen nor as a publicist - and certainly not if you have a different opinion on the subject. In his book "The Corona Dossier", Osrainik meticulously and for the most part from mainstream sources summarized the insane contradictions that have been on the agenda politically, scientifically and in the media for over a year. He himself says that the book could have been a lot thicker, but cannot answer the question of why, despite all this, relatively many people accept these contradictions without questioning. It is all the more worthwhile to take a look at the book. It is the preparatory work for an indictment, for a committee of inquiry, for a tribunal - and it enables an acute activation of common sense, even if some facts leave you almost stunned. Our society has changed since Corona. But that doesn't matter. Whether we like “this way of life” is the question that everyone should think about for themselves and we should all think about it every day. The trial of those responsible for this crisis may come. We can start the thought process about the meaningfulness of our actions immediately. It is up to us. +++ KenFM now also available as a free app for Android and iOS devices! You can get to the Apple and Google stores via our homepage. Here is the link: +++ Subscribe to the KenFM newsletter now: +++ Now you can also support us with Bitcoins. Bitcoin account: +++ You like our program? You can find information on further support options here:

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