What are the advantages of a mainframe

Data center

In German companies, the mainframe is experiencing a kind of rebirth due to the weakness of distributed server infrastructures. Worsening economic conditions make the practice of running applications and databases on specific servers more and more problematic. With the requirements for governance, compliance, security and energy efficiency, IT managers also see themselves under pressure to achieve more with less.

As decentralized infrastructures are becoming increasingly costly to operate and manage, the benefits of the mainframe are being rediscovered. This has now been confirmed by an independent study commissioned by the IT management software provider CA. The study "The Mainframe: Surviving and Thriving in a Turbulent World" shows the benefits of a mainframe that is fully integrated into the company's IT - compared to a relatively isolated operation. According to this, 71 percent of users in Germany declare that it is an "extremely safe environment" - in a European comparison the rate is an average of 65 percent. Furthermore, around two thirds (67 percent) of the respondents in Germany state that the system "never collapses". At the European level it is 52 percent.

Favorable cost structure

On average, mainframes in Germany run 72 percent of the time at the highest operating load - compared to an average of 66 percent in Europe. The favorable cost structure of the mainframe platform is also highly valued: 80 percent of those surveyed state that they remain loyal to the mainframe because they shy away from the costs of switching to a distributed IT landscape.

As a result, companies in Germany trust mainframe environments more than companies in Europe, even for critical applications: According to the German study participants, 60 percent of business-critical data is managed with the help of mainframes - compared to other European countries, the rate is 55 percent.

The statement that mainframes are extremely stable IT environments can also be substantiated: 60 percent of respondents in Germany agree that applications operated on the mainframe run reliably for years and without unforeseen interruptions. Around three quarters (76 percent) confirm that the mainframe is inherently more secure than client / server environments (the European average here is 68 percent). Regardless of these strengths, 74 percent say the number of business-critical IT tasks managed on mainframes is declining.