How to say prison in Spanish?

Translation of "go to jail" in spanish

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Your father will be back in Go to jail.
Tu padre será enviado de regreso a price.
Otherwise it will be 20 years old Go to jail.
De lo contrario, ella va a pasar los próximos 20 años en price.
You will go back to the Go to jailif you don't get me the other five cards.
Volverán a price si no pueden conseguirme esas otras cinco tarjetas.
Oh god I could go back Go to jail.
And I can't go back into it Go to jail, Linda.
Y no puedo volver a price, Linda.
For that we would also have ins Go to jail can.
I can't go back in Go to jail, Tommy.
No puedo regresar a price, Tommy.
None of you will ins Go to jail.
But no matter, you will be ins Go to jail.
He told me you ins Go to jail once.
Me dijo que estuviste en price una vez.
And no matter how mad I am at you, you shouldn't go Go to jail.
Y sin importar lo enojada que estoy con lo que me hiciste no desearía verte en price.
I'm sorry, but Alyssa Lang will be ins Go to jail.
Lo siento, pero esta lucha terminará with Alyssa yendo a price.
It doesn't matter anyway, I ... I'll be ins Go to jail.
No importa, de todos modos ... iré a price.
But I just didn't really want to go in Go to jail.
Pero la mayor parte de mí simplemente no quería ir a la cárcel.
Oh, we'll be ins Go to jail.
The rest of your friends will be ins Go to jail.
You can go straight into that Go to jail.
That he has been in for 30 years Go to jail becomes.
And for his silence someone could ins Go to jail.
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