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What is a hybrid piano? (What is a silent piano)

Brand names such as “Silent Piano” or “Anytime Piano” are perhaps better known. They all stand for an instrument that is both: acoustic piano and digital piano. Hybrid pianos are equipped with a muting feature. A mechanical block only prevents the hammer felts from hitting the strings. Otherwise you use the usual piano touch, but play an electronically generated piano sound when you mute it. The typical "silent pianos" do not have built-in speakers like a digital piano. Hence, a hybrid piano without headphones doesn't make much sense.

When are closed headphones recommended?

Due to the closed housing construction of the ear cups, headphones hardly allow sound to penetrate to the outside and vice versa. They offer good acoustic isolation from ambient noise. For example, anyone who practices piano on the digital piano while someone else is using the television in the same room should buy closed headphones. Because they are closed, these headphones can produce a powerful sound - especially in the bass - which can be exhausting when practicing the piano for a long time.

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When are open headphones recommended?

The ear-enclosing headphones with open ear cups offer the best wearing comfort. They are ideal for playing for hours on the digital piano. However, the open design also allows more ambient noise to reach the ear.

How loud can headphones be when practicing piano?

The volume depends very much on how you feel. However, you usually underestimate the volume yourself, as you concentrate very much on playing the piano and reading music. So you often play louder than you think. Therefore, you should always take regular breaks, usually you can quickly tell if you have practiced with too much volume for a while. The volume of headphones always depends on the impedance of the headphones.

What does impedance mean in headphones?

The impedance is specified in ohms and describes the electrical resistance that the headphones have on an amplifier. High impedance headphones tend to be quiet. The smaller the impedance, the louder the headphones. However, headphones with insufficient impedance tend to be distorted. For digital pianos, the impedance should not be less than 32 ohms and not higher than 250 ohms. With studio headphones you have to pay attention to the impedance specification, as some models are also available as Pro versions with very high impedance (e.g. 600 ohms). Such headphones are not suitable for a digital piano.