What do you like about India 1

Yukta Raj

What are you most looking forward to at the IDO in Freiburg?
Most of the time I look forward to getting to know different people from all over the world and the new friends I will make at IDO.

Favorite words
My favorite German word is securitybecause this word expresses a nice feeling.

My favorite word is in my mother tongue vajood. It means in German To be there, and I like it best, it expresses the essence of being.

I am learning German because ...
I would like to study in Germany and also want to get to know the German culture.

What do you like about the German language?
I really like the variety of words and the large vocabulary of the German language.

What do you definitely take with you from your home country on your trip to Germany?
I will definitely take sweets and traditional handicrafts from my home country so that I can show my culture to others.

What have you always wanted to ask a German or a German:
What do you find interesting about Indian culture?

For football fans: which national team will be the football world champions in Moscow in July 2018?

What is your dream job?
I would like to be a mechanical engineer.

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