Why is Costa Rica the best country

Country & people in Costa Rica

Costa Rica: volcanoes, sea & friendly people

Many visitors marvel at the wealth of tropical vegetation and landscapes: rainforest, cloud forest, dry forest, dreamy beaches, over a hundred active and inactive volcanoes, turtle sites, different altitudes and microclimates. There is a wealth of history and art to discover. One of the most personable aspects of the country is the natural friendliness of the Costa Ricans, or Ticos and Ticas as they call themselves. They are friendly and helpful - that way you can feel safe and at home as a visitor to the country.

Intercultural prior knowledge should be a matter of course for all vacationers. We have therefore briefly summarized everything that makes you an informed tourist: national dishes and food, travel etiquette, electricity / telephone, vegetation / animal species as well as culture and society in Costa Rica.

Country profile Costa Rica

  • Capital: San José
  • Country size: 51,100 km2
  • National language: Spanish
  • Population: 4.8 million
  • Form of government: Presidential government

Destinations and types of travel in Costa Rica

The overview of Costa Rican regions and parts of the country also helps if you are still undecided which part of Costa Rica you want to visit. Because different regions offer different options for vacation planning: Trekking and active travelers have different demands on the climate and nature than travelers with children.

Choose your dream trip here with the focus on "Active" or "Cozy"!

Everything about nature, people and local customs