Do taxi drivers remember their passengers

Uber penalizes passengers with poor ratings

When it comes to the driving experience of its customers, Uber has always been very strict. After the trip from A to B, passengers can rate their driver. If you often get bad ratings from passengers, Uber literally pulls you out of circulation.

Conversely, however, greater tolerance applied. Drivers can also rate their passengers after their work is done. Now, bad experiences are supposed to have consequences here too. The company has announced that it will take action against "problem customers" in the future.

Second chance is granted

Anyone who regularly misbehaves towards the driver threatens to be excluded from the driving service. Before that happens, however, endangered customers should be given a chance to improve, The Verge quotes Uber security chief Kate Parker.

The app then spits out hints that encourage polite behavior or remind people not to leave any rubbish in the car and not to ask the driver to exceed speed limits. Overall, there will be "several options" to improve your own ratings before you get banned.

Strictly with drivers

According to a leaked document from 2015, Uber is very strict with the drivers themselves when it comes to rating. They are already threatened with a ban if their average falls below 4.6 (out of five) stars, although it is not clear whether this limit still applies today. Parker did not want to reveal the rating at which one begins to encourage customers to improve their behavior.

It is known that since 2017 there have been several criteria by which drivers can rate their passengers. This includes waiting time, patience, friendliness or incorrect information regarding the number of passengers or the destination. Anyone who has been reported twice within 20 days because of the same problem will be informed the next time the app is started that this will have a bad effect on their rating. (red, May 31, 2019)