What is subliminal primer

Subliminal belief: best chance of success

Processed: Make sure you create a path to track the information to the commons that can be redirected as subliminal from the start point. So I reported that there is a place where the hidden message can be found, and then to another hidden place where the message resides, then the person receives the message and can claim a reward. If you can find the person who can follow these, this is the queues to see how eagerly the effort goes with it. Then you can have another person who is in good connection with the person and try to see if they are taking in the information without consciously looking and getting information from the person who is also connected. All in all, it is trial and error for a single person, and it takes a lot of time and patience. It's all just an idea.

You could also relate to a specific substance or have a higher level of knowledge, as well as coordination and balance with the psychologist. You can stay unconscious and know that something is special; It is very difficult to grasp the sensitivity in which it is very difficult to find the right person. It is very smart indeed to keep things as subliminal as possible to find the subliminal person because they attract them and to stay subliminal. Once you find the specific one that seems to be unconscious but is really conscious. The person does not have to say what or are looking at your body, but in their possible peripheral view. Sometimes you just can't rule it out, some are just too good to be true; Some are way too good to be true. It is a kind of higher intelligence to think before reacting. And intuitive personalities are usually capable of this, but not all are good responders / followers. * 1

It is also like a person has put himself in an unconscious and subconscious state in order not to react. But is consciously able to react as if it were internal.

In fact, I didn't hear a sound for a very long time until I heard it at the age of 3. This made me learn my skills effectively in a very correct way. I started making my own hand signals to my parents until they realized I was deaf. I usually didn't recognize my hearing senses so I could balance my senses through seeing and hearing. * 2

* 1https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200705/gut-almighty

* 2https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prelingual_deafness

Added: I'm sorry that I lost track of the autism part in the post. Lost senses from early age to 3 years old are able to raise the other senses to a heightened level. The overall senses of the brain train themselves to take account of the senses of loss. The 6th sense possibly becomes like the (anti) phantom sense. That is, a person with a lost meaning will find their natural balance again. I can refer to this book. It's in PDF format * 3

Your brain changes with every experience: every sight, every sound, every touch, every thought, every emotion. It then interprets future experiences based on past experiences. But a person with hearing impairment cannot grasp the subliminal messages as well as near perfect hearing. * 4

Autism puts things together in a complex puzzle. * 5

So with this number * 3 & Number * 2 assigned . It can put all the puzzles together and fill in the missing puzzles as dummy puzzles to pick up. Then it goes back to number * 1

I tried to make this question as rational as possible for the correct answer. I feel that there is something, but not quite properly understood. It's kind of a plugin and game that has other things that I can tell, but there is no way I can explain them exactly or even convey them in that language. It is an onomatopoeia along with the transposition of language and it can seem irrational when it is really rational. Trying to keep all of this as rational as possible.

* 3http://richardlouv.com/images/uploads/excerpt-the-nature-principle-richard-louv.pdf

* 4http://ilslearningcorner.com/2015-06-the-age-when-your-childs-brain-stops-learning/

* 5http://childdevelopmentinfo.com/child-psychology/autism-aspergers/

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Thank you for taking the trouble to answer the question and compile sources. I still wonder what the connection is between the last two sources and the subject.


Okay I tried to break it down more for you, not sure this can be understood. I really like this question and got myself thinking. :) :)

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It is a very interesting subject indeed! :-) Thanks for clarifying the answer. I'll take the time to break them all down again.