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Copyright by fanfictions

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Copyright by fanfictions

Contribution from Christina44444 » 07.04.2016, 13:30

Good day,

i have a question about the copyright of images i use for my stories on sites like wattpad.

I publish my own stories with their own character on These are so-called "real person fanfictions". So own stories about real people.

There is also the possibility of uploading images. This serves to make the story more vivid and to make it more inviting for the readers. Wattpad asks you to create a cover image. For example, I use photos of these real personalities from the Internet to create cover images.

I don't earn any money with it and I don't have any commercial goals. Do I still violate the copyright of the photographer or the personality used and in the worst case do I even have to expect a lawsuit?

Thank you very much for an answer.

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Contribution from mtg » 07.04.2016, 13:36

Good day!

Yes. There is always a violation of copyright law, even if you do not derive any commercial benefit from it. If you would do that, there would also be a demand for profit distribution. As for the person depicted, the question of whether or not he is a public person needs to be clarified. However, this essentially applies to the editorial area and not to use for one's own purposes.

Copyright also applies on the internet. For everything and for everyone. Without exception.

It is therefore generally advisable to obtain approval for use from the person depicted and / or the photographer or to refrain from using it.

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