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Armor of the Mandalorians
“There are two reasons why we wear armor: one, so that we don't get killed so easily; on the other hand, so that we all look Mandalorian, no matter how different we are from our brothers and sisters. "
- Mandalorian mother to her daughter (Source)

The ones on BasicMandalorian armor called Beskar'gam (Mando'a for "iron skin") is the trademark of the Mandalorians and a central part of the Mandalorian culture. The armor defines the common identity, wearing the armor is one of the "six acts" (Resol'Nare) defining a Mandalorian.

The Mandalorian armor of all generations, starting with the first armor of the crusaders, are also summarized under the generic term "Mandalorian armor for shock troops".


The Mandalorian armor is as old as the Mandalorians themselves, who formed around 7000 VSY by colonizing the planet Mandalore. In the early days they consisted entirely of the descendants of the Taung driven out by Coruscant, but this species, also known as "shadow warriors", was a warrior people and the traditions of combat and war were a central part of their culture. As a result, even with them wearing armor was an important and identity-forming aspect of their society.

Around 5000 VSY a Mandalorian army moved under their leadership Mand'alor for the first time to undertake a "crusade" through the galaxy. they called themselves Crusader and sought, according to their own statement, "honor and fame through battle and through loyalty to the clan". Even if this crusade was limited in practice to campaigns of conquest, pillage and the extermination of other species, they were convinced of their "sacred mission" and their armor soon became a symbol of the horror they spread in the galaxy. The following generations of Mandalorians also caused fear and horror at the mere sight of their armor.