What are some good prison films

The 5 best prison movies for when you're not playing A Way Out

Broken Chains (The Great Escape)

Based on real events (albeit with significantly more Americans), told Broken laces the story of some prisoners of war who dig an escape tunnel from a prison camp during World War II.

Each of the main characters has a unique talent that makes them indispensable for their project - and just like with Leo and Vincent, their respective worldview changes the course of their mission. Watch the film and decide for yourself which is more promising: brain or muscles.

Escape from Alcatraz

In A Way Out, getting out of prison is the easy part. The biggest challenge is that planning - and the spontaneous change of your plans when everything goes wrong.

Vincent and Leo could learn something from the film Escape from Alcatraz Learned in which Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) and his accomplices spend the majority of the 112-minute runtime devising an escape plan that is crazy enough to work. Since, of course, not everything goes smoothly, they have to react quickly and rethink their thinking to make it to freedom - just like you and your friend.

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Some matters outside the prison walls cannot wait to serve your sentence. In A Way Out, it is a desire for revenge that drives Vincent and Leo to plan their escape - they can't let the man who put them behind bars get away with his deeds. In O Brother, Where Art Thou? of the Cohen brothers, the main characters are after a treasure hidden in a field that is about to be flooded.

In either case, there is no prospect of success if the characters don't work together. The guys in O brother need to be chained together to learn this lesson, but you know better.

The Rattlesnake (Escape from New York)

the rattlesnake fits just as well into the prison movie genre as a machine-gun rhinoceros fits into a dog park. Still - if you like one, somehow you like the other too.

In this case, what they have in common is that the prison break story in A Way Out also includes high-speed car chases, motorcycle jumps, and at least one adrenaline-fueled rowboat ride. If you like that, is the rattlesnake with their world full of guns, land mines, micro-explosives and cool eye patches, it's your thing.

Two incredibly strong guys (Stir Crazy)

Both A Way Out and Two incredibly strong guys hold an important lesson for you: With a friend by your side, you can do anything. Of course, the chicken costume mix-up that ends up skipping Donahue (Gene Wilder) and Harry Monroe (Richard Pryor) in jail is rather funny and not comparable to the reason Leo and Vincent sit in neighboring cells ...

But A Way Out also contains comical elements (like the [silly mini-games] that you can play) that strengthen the relationship between Leo and Vincent. If you're in the mood for a friendship story while you're waiting for your teammate to return, you can't go wrong with this awesome buddy comedy.

You now have a plan, so get ready for the breakout - A Way Out is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC.

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