Which is the coolest music website in the world

01. www.wilcoworld.net

Someone kept a record at Wilco! And took the trouble to sort this book and put it online so that the fanatic can find out again at which concert he heard “Hell Is Chrome” again. And the future has also been thought of - because for every concert that has already been announced, song requests with justifications can also be expressed directly. Wilco created the best website of 2011, the readers say, and there are many little things that actually make this website special. In addition to the above, it is also worth taking a short tour of the online shop, where there are colorful cupcake hats, suspenders and water bottles.

02. www.u2.com

U2 present themselves extremely rich in images, music and video on their website. There is one gallery after the next and lets you relive many memories on the little surf tour. And of course, fans will find everything they need here - extensive biographies, lyrics and their own member's area with even more features.

03. www.radiohead.com

Of course, Radiohead also appears in the top 10, even top 3 of our voting. And that is probably less due to the really beautiful design of the homepage than to the way it is used. After all, who better to get the hang of using the internet world for themselves and turning it upside down - as once again proven with the release of “The King Of Limbs” - than Radiohead? The design and wealth of information are of course also convincing.

04. www.brucespringsteen.net

“Search The Lyrics” is the name of a category on Bruce Springsteen's website and offers the extraordinary opportunity to finally assign parts of the lyrics that are circling in your head to their origins. Because a search box enables you to browse through all, indeed all, Springsteen songs that have ever been released. And that there are many is clear from the alphabetical overview at the latest. Of course, the search function can also be used for all sorts of other statistical research and look up, for example, how often The Boss actually sings about, let's say, “love”, “water” or, for example, “hats”. Incidentally, the latter four times so far.

05. www.arcadefire.com

Arcade Fire present themselves on their website in typewriter retro style and offer the visitor not only a place in the audience, but also directly on the stage. For example, “Sprawl II” invites you to do an interactive dance and the video for “We Used To Wait” offers a journey into one's own past.

06. www.rollingstones.com

Which Rolling Stones fan would not like to have the key to the large archive on their federal government? At least the one about the main rooms is now available to everyone who visits the band's homepage, where they have had access to many exclusive recordings, video interviews and pictures since November, as well as an overview of rare merchandise items that can of course also be purchased. Also available from the archive: the recordings of the two Brussels concerts of the “Goats Head Soup” tour in 1973, which were previously only available as a bootleg, but now as a real concert film including copies of the original set lists and a player with which all songs can be viewed individually can be accessed. That there is of course a lot of reading material, biographies and songs to listen to is just mentioned at the end.

07. www.gisbertzuknyphausen.de

Somehow cozy - that's it. On Gisbert zu Knyphausen's website, nothing jumps to you, nothing goes on when you enter the site by pressing the button on the entrance sign. There is also no tape memory or action flash animations. No, it's all rather simple, purple-red. Instead the small, discreet jukebox in which you can listen to a selection of Gisbert's songs and the collected videos: music clips and live recordings. A neatly listed list with recommendations for record stores and information on where to find the most charming Gisbert zu Knyphausen magnetic boards. And, not to forget - the best - behind the keyword “concerts” there is currently a well-filled list.

08. www.beatsteaks.com

“BEAT TV… is watching you!” - and everything else that happens in the life of the five men with the Berlin snout. This is about the sausage - or rather the plates, red carpets, international conferences and bus drivers. True rock star existence. But the band's own pirate channel BEAT TV is of course just one of the many features on the site. This also gives you the opportunity to browse through detailed tour diaries and stay informed about everything that you always wanted to know or, perhaps better, never wanted to know. And, don't forget: Of course, ambitious singers, bassists, guitarists and pianists also get their money's worth and get the lyric, tablature and sheet music they need for private practice purposes and cover band formation.

09. www.listentofeist.com

"Listen To Feist" is the appropriate domain name for Leslie Feist's homepage. As soon as the page opens, the first notes of "How Come You Never Go There" can be heard and the video begins to play - in large format. Before you click through the page, you automatically pause for a moment. And then click through the many short videos, making ofs and nature shots.
If you can tear yourself away from them, a visit to the shop is also recommended, where, in addition to the obligatory bags and shirts, there are also more unusual merchandise products, such as the necklace inspired by the "Metals" cover, various scarves and the small crankcase for "Bittersweet Melodies".

10. www.tomwaits.com

You quickly learn that Tom Waits actually has a story or at least something to say about everything, and always packaged it poetically and / or humorously. What would be more logical as a feature for the website than the “Wit & Wisdom” category, in which one can find wisdom Waits sorted by topics such as “Love”, “Random Facts” or “Religion” and learn them by heart if necessary? A nice idea.