What's a lieutenant's salary

Soldiers' salaries in 2021: What officers, NCOs and soldiers earn in the Bundeswehr

Soldiers, NCOs and officers in the Bundeswehr make an important contribution to our country. But what do they earn? How high is their soldiers' pay and who gets what. We show what officers and soldiers earn.

Update: April 03, 2021

Cabinet draft on salaries in the cabinet at the end of March 2021

The salary for soldiers is based on the salary table for federal civil servants. This in turn usually follows the TVöD tariff result. The TVöD was last completed in 2020. At the end of March, the law to adjust civil servants' salaries was up for debate in the federal cabinet. More on the adjustment of federal civil servant salaries ...

Pay for civil servants

In addition to the soldiers' pay, soldiers receive allowances for certain services or functions under certain circumstances. Soldiers who are active in the Bundeswehr receive their pay according to the salary table for federal civil servants. The current salary table for the federal government has been in effect since April 1, 2021.

Soldiers' salaries: current table for 2021

Salary regulations A federal civil servants 2021

Valid from April 1, 2021

GradeBase salary
(Monthly amount in euros)
step 1Level 2level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8
A 32.328,822.381,372.433,932.476,242.518,542.560,852.603,172.645,47
A 42.377,552.440,352.503,162.553,162.603,172.653,172.703,152.749,33
A 52.395,472.473,672.536,482.598,052.659,602.722,422.783,932.844,20
A 62.446,752.537,802.630,082.700,592.773,682.844,202.922,392.990,34
A 72.568,562.649,342.755,772.864,702.971,113.078,813.159,593.240,34
A 82.717,272.814,722.951,873.090,363.228,803.324,963.422,393.518,55
A 92.932,643.028,803.180,103.333,933.485,193.588,033.695,003.799,32
A 103.139,053.271,103.462,143.654,033.849,493.985,524.121,514.257,58
A 113.588,033.790,063.990,794.192,844.331,494.470,164.608,824.747,51
A 123.846,874.085,894.326,234.565,244.731,644.895,385.060,465.228,18
A 134.511,114.735,604.958,765.183,275.337,785.493,625.648,105.799,96
A 144.639,194.928,395.218,935.508,125.707,525.908,286.107,666.308,41
A 155.670,555.932,046.131,436.330,866.530,276.728,356.926,447.123,18
A 166.255,586.559,336.789,097.018,887.247,347.478,467.708,227.935,38

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Salary regulation B for federal civil servants 2021

Valid from April 1, 2021

GradeBase salary
(Monthly amount in euros)
B 17.123,18
B 28.274,75
B 38.762,03
B 49.271,77
B 59.856,81
B 610.412,79
B 710.948,93
B 811.510,15
B 912.206,11
B 1014.367,90
B 1114.808,25

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Grades for officers

generalB10 or B10Z
Lieutenant GeneralB9
Major generalB7
Brigadier GeneralB6
ColonelA16, B2 or B3
Lieutenant colonelA14 or A15
Chief of StaffA13
CaptainA11 or A12
First lieutenantA10

Grades for non-commissioned officers

Sergeant MajorA9Z
Staff SergeantA9
Sergeant MajorA8Z
Sergeant MajorA7Z
Staff SergeantA6 or A7

Grades for team ranks


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Allowances for soldiers

The Salary Structure Modernization Act has been in force since January 1, 2020. This includes many salary improvements from which the soldiers also benefit. For example, the exceptional remuneration, which is used to financially compensate for the special time burdens on soldiers during preparatory exercises or sea voyages lasting several days, has been increased to 91 euros. In addition, the foreign use surcharge has been increased again, i.e. in the highest level to 145 euros. With the new allowance for military leadership functions, the group of people was expanded to include company commanders up to grade A 14. In addition, the allowance for company sergeants, the so-called spear allowance, has been increased to 135 euros per month, announced the Federal Ministry of Defense.

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Official allowances and position allowances can be provided for prominent functions. According to the Bundeswehr, the official allowances are irrevocable and pensionable. They are considered part of the basic salary. The following official allowances are available.

  • Salary group A 3, rank private 42.92 euros
  • Salary group A 4, rank of corporal, 8.63 euros
  • Salary group A 5, Oberstabsgefreiter, 42.92 euros
  • Salary group A 7 rank Oberfeldwebel, Oberbootsmann 53.30 euros
  • Salary group A 8 rank of sergeant major, chief boatman, senior ensign, senior midshipman for the sea 68.66 euros
  • Salary group A 9 rank Oberstabsfeldwebel, Oberstabsbootsmann 319.49 euros

Family allowance: Depending on the family situation

In addition to the basic salary, soldiers and civil servants of the federal government receive a family allowance, depending on the family situation. In level 1, this surcharge for married soldiers and civil servants who are obliged to provide maintenance, divorced servicemen or civil servants with children to be taken into account, is 147.78 euros in accordance with Section 40 (1) of the Federal Salary Act. In level 2, that is, level 1 soldiers who are entitled to child benefit under the Income Tax Act or the Federal Child Benefit Act, the family allowance is 274.10 euros. For each additional child eligible for consideration, a uniform amount of 126.32 euros is granted for all salary groups, and from the third child onwards of 393.57 euros, according to the Bundeswehr on its website.

Further information is available on the Bundeswehr website ...

Archive: Salary tables 2020

Salary table, Salary Regulations A 2020

Valid since March 1st, 2020

A 32301,212353,132405,072446,882488,682530,482572,302614,10
A 42349,362411,412473,482522,892572,302621,712671,102716,73
A 52367,072444,342506,402567,242628,062690,142750,922810,47
A 62417,742507,712598,892668,572740,792810,472887,742954,88
A 72538,102617,922723,092830,732935,883042,303122,123201,92
A 82685,052781,342916,873053,723190,513285,533381,813476,83
A 92897,872992,893142,393294,403443,863545,483651,193754,27
A 103101,833232,313421,093610,703803,843938,264072,644207,09
A 113545,483745,123943,474143,124280,134417,154554,174691,22
A 123801,254037,444274,934511,114675,534837,335000,455166,19
A 134457,624679,454899,965121,815274,495428,485581,135731,19
A 144584,184869,955157,055442,815639,845838,226035,246233,61
A 155603,315861,706058,736255,796452,846648,576844,317038,72
A 166181,406481,556708,596935,657161,407389,787616,827841,28

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Salary table, Salary Regulations B 2020

Euro 0
B 17038,72
B 28176,63
B 38658,13
B 49161,83
B 59739,93
B 610289,32
B 710819,10
B 811373,67
B 912061,37
B 1014197,53
B 1114808,25

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