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1 MARS 2008 rotary Auto, Mobility & Emotions SUISSE LIECHTENSTEIN Automobile, mobilité et émotions Automobile, mobilità ed emozioni magazine of the districts Revue des districts Rivista dei distretti


3 3 IMPRINT EDITORIAL Editor-in-chief Rot. Oliver Schaffner (os) Aathalstrasse 34, 8613 Uster Tel, Fax Rédacteur en chef adjoint et rédaction pour la Suisse romande Hanspeter Kleiner (kl) Hofenstr. 5, 3032 Hinterkappelen Tel, Fax Redazione per la Svizzera italiana PDG Carlo Michelotti (cm) Provera, 6525 Gnosca Tel, Fax Correspondents D 1980 Rot. Kurt Bischof (bi) Kleinwangenstr. 20, 6280 Hochdorf Tel, Fax D 1990 Hanspeter Kleiner (kl) Hofenstr. 5, 3032 Hinterkappelen Tel, Fax D 2000 Rot. Erhard von Szabel (sz) Stiegweg 6, 8303 Bassersdorf Tel. Ad sales & management RG-Annoncen GmbH, Rot. René Gyr Postfach 1121, 5401 Baden Tel, Fax Specialized advertisements Automobile Balmer Médias, Tel Advertisement tariff Available under print Multicolor Print AG, Baar Rotary Suisse Liechtenstein 83rd Volume, No. 9, March 2008 Monthly magazine for the members of the Rotary Clubs in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Edition Ex. Editorial deadline April March 2008 Vive la mobilité! Ai-je encore le droit aujourd hui de me servir avec plaisir de ma voiture? Ne suis-je pas ainsi une menace pour le dernier iceberg des ours polaires? Une revue comme la nôtre peut-elle all à contre-courant des soucis actuelles et consacrer un numéro à l automobiles? Oui! Pour commencer, l ours polaire vit sur la terre ferme et n utilise qu occasionnellement un iceberg comme radeau. Les images choc, les clichés apocalyptiques sont certes en vogue; s ils mettent le doigt sur unproblemème, ils ne contribuent toutefois guère à sa solution. Pour cela, il faut chercher ailleurs. Et puis, je me réjouis moins de ma voiture que de l indépendance qu elle me procure. C est adjustment cette liberté de mouvement qui est remise en question. Read us aimeraient bien en interdire l usage ou au moins le limiter sérieusement, pour le bien-être de l environment, disent-ils. Difficile d interdire à une humanité croissante de respirer quoique cela produise du CO2. Mais ils suggèrent qu elle ne le fasse que chez soi sans trop bouger, même si c est un retour à l ère de la Révolution française (quand il faisait aussi chaud qu aujourd hui; entre-temps, il ya eu une période de refroidissement) . Les autres lancent sur le marché une auto défiant toute concurrence, ce qui rend la mobilité accessible à beaucoup de gens dans des pays où la voiture était un privilège. Si tous ne peuvent réaliser leur rêve, pour beaucoup il devient à portée de la main. The circulation augmentera certes, mais elle remplira also la condition préalable pour une répartition des tâches de travail élargie, prémisse d une prospérité économique généralisée. Malheureusement, la liberté de mouvement a aussi ses désavantages: accidents, nuisances sonores, dommages à l environnement. La politique, et tous les concernés par la mobilité, y compris les automobilistes rotariens, ont maintenant pour tâche de concilier ces désavantages avec les avantages économiques et sociaux. In ce context, la recherche et le développement dans l industrie automobile sont certainement dignes d être mentionnés et encouragés: utilization rationnelle et moindre des carburants, moteurs hybrides ou cellules à combustible, par examples. Puis-je donc me réjouir de ma liberté de mouvement? La revue du Rotary a-t-elle le droit de ne présenter qu une facette de la mobility? Devons-nous vraiment trancher entre la mobilité et l environnement? Non: il y a plus ingénieux. Si aucune liberté n est illimitée, aucune ne mérite d être réduite à un produit de luxe. Red. Hanspeter Kleiner

4 THE SWISS'S FAVORITE SPORT COMES FROM ENGLAND. Unrestrained power and athletic dynamism are among the attributes that distinguish the Range Rover Sport. Its TdV8 and TdV6 turbo diesel engines with particle filters are among the most modern and economical. And both the TdV8 and the 4.2 l V8 compressor engine have the Dynamic Response active suspension system as standard. Yes, and then it looks breathtakingly good too, with its characterful design and dynamic lines. No wonder the Range Rover Sport is one of the best-selling and most popular premium SUVs in Switzerland. Let yourself be convinced on a test drive now at your Land Rover partner. RANGE ROVER SPORT GO BEYOND

5 SOMMAIRE MARS From club life 6 Some are pampered by the world champion chef, while others find out that muscle mass disappears from 30 onwards. Rotary club life can be so varied. More on this from p. 6. Regional Conference Central Switzerland 18 The event in D 1980 turned out differently than planned and led to interesting consequences in favor of the polio campaign. Semi-Annual Conferences 20 Districts 1990 and 2000 hosted district and semi-annual conferences in February. With the alligator per Du 21 Ursula Stricker talks about her short-term exchange in Florida. Free passage of emotions? Rotarians Walter Frey and Claude Sage talk about their relationship with cars, emotions and mobility. P. 10 Editorial 3 Sommaire 5 Vie des clubs 6 11 Piazza Petites Annonces 6 Thème du mois District District RUBRIQUES Measurable goals for PolioPlus 27 The board confirms polio eradication as a main concern and creates measurable intermediate steps. Readers' Tour 28 Experience great operas with Rotarians. In July in front of the imposing castle backdrop in Schwerin. Golf for water In 1980 the first district golf tournament is organized. The proceeds will benefit the water project for Tanzania. P. 18 District Rotary Suisse Rotary People 24 Rotary International Readers' Tour 28 Rotaract 30 Inner Wheel 31 Fellowships all about cars 25 The passion for cars can be shared with like-minded people around the world in three Rotary leisure groups. In Memoriam 32 Nouveaux membres 34 Rendez-vous Aperçu 38 Sihltal Derby 30 Rotaract and Rotary played an exciting ice hockey match against the Sihl Valley Lions. Ten years of IWC Zurich 31 Exactly to the day, the ladies of the Inner Wheel Club Zurich celebrated their anniversaries in Zurich's most beautiful locations. Vive la Döschwo In the “Rotary People” section, Rot. Jürg Künzle tells of the adventure with “his” duck. P. 24

6 VIE DES CLUB 6 RC Obwalden Art Rescue On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the club financed the restoration of some pictures in the women's monastery in Sarnen. The pictures were damaged in the storm in summer 2005. Restored picture Brother Klaus with Abbess Pia, Past President Rot. Beat Naegeli and President Rot. Heinz Scholl. As a result of the flood two years ago, apart from buildings, the monastery suffered total damage to valuable holidays / vacances PIAZZA that was not covered by insurance , Orvieto. Tel Switzerland Lake Maggiore Panorama holiday home on the lake and harbor, up to 4 people, lift, large terrace, 2 bathrooms, comfort Tel Irish west coast directly on the lake Own boats Well-tended golfing and fishing holidays in a dreamy lodge. Accommodation, meals, care. To complain about art and cultural assets of over 12 million francs. "We were able to help restore some of these valuable pictures and votive tablets with donations of over francs from the Rotarians," explains Rot. Bruno Krummenacher as project manager at the official handover. One of the restored treasures is the canvas painting by Sebastian Gisig from 1620, which shows Brother Klaus extinguishing the fire in Sarnen. Or a panel painting, presumably the remainder of a Gothic winged altar, depicting the Christmas scene with the baby Jesus and a halo. The sisters have a particularly strong relationship to both pictures, Bruno Krummenacher learned during the months of collaboration. ADS Real Estate / Immobiliers Provence Maison de Maître XVIII In well-known wine village near Orange with distant views, landscaped garden, swimming pool with pool house, closed PP, for sale directly from the owner, living space 280 m 2, plot 2600 m 2. Info: Helga Bolin, Vieux Village , F Cairanne, Tel (German) Documentation under: Diverses / Divers Carefree PC Helpline Fr. 1.95 / min. For questions about the PC. Even cheaper with a support subscription: Lucerne water tower Fritschivater. Carnival 2008 is history. But there are still great memories of the foolish days. Also to the Fritschivater 2008, the highest carnival in the carnival stronghold of Lucerne. With Rot. Philipp Gmür, the Safran Guild has elected a Rotarian to this highest carnival office. Not the first time. His predecessor was also a Rotarian: Rot. Kurt W. Meyer from RC Luzern-Seetal led through the Freiamt Rotaract carnival. The presentation of the Rotaract Club Zug by Yvonne Müller clearly impressed the RC Freiamt. In the near future, the club will discuss whether it wants to sponsor a Rotaract club in the greater Freiamt region together with a neighboring club. Lenzburg-Seetal passion. The management consultant Rudolf Graf pleaded for passion in the company. Passion is the basis for success, provided that everyone, from the boss to the last employee, is motivated to do so. Passion in day-to-day business can lead to fanaticism and know-it-all. But this possible danger is less great than the positive power of passion. When asked whether you can encourage passion, Graf said: “Yes, it all starts with motivation. The person must be competent in their area of ​​responsibility. " Willisau club visits. The club systematically maintains contacts with other clubs. A delegation, led by the President, visits a club in the wider area every six weeks. Such an initiative promotes the connection beyond the club boundaries. One can only say: exemplary and worthy of imitation!

7 Top level management intérimaire Aigle Novo Airão. A l heure de dresser le bilan de la soirée organisée par le Rotary-Club Aigle en faveur de l Association Ailleurs Aussi, le sourire et la satisfaction sont de mise. Le sourire, parce que la participation des Rotariens de l Est vaudois et d ailleurs, celle de clubs amis, des membres et sympathisants de l Association Ailleurs Aussi ont été tout simplement remarquables. Ainsi, plus of 220 people étaient présentes à cette occasion dans la salle polyvalente de Roche. Satisfaction également si l on en croit les splendides résultats de cette opération, puisque francs ont été récoltés pour un objectif exaltant: Le projet permet la mise sur pied d un center de formation aux métiers du bois, d un atelier de papier recyclé et enfin d une «école des enfants», le tout destiné aux riverains des fleuves amazoniens, les caboclos. La démarche de Jean-Daniel Vallotton méritait que lui fût dédiée une telle soirée. Nous espérons que cette dernière le confortera dans la généreuse mission qu il poursuit en faveur des caboclos d Amazonie. Rot. Georg Frey Baden / Baden-Rohrdorferberg benefit concert. In the past two years, the two clubs in northern Ghana have made star operations possible on 1,260 people. But thousands of patients are still urgently waiting to be saved from going blind. An operation costs the equivalent of 50 francs, which is unaffordable by local standards. This is exactly the price of admission to the benefit concert with Alexei Volodin. The internationally known pianist plays free of charge, and the proceeds go in full to the project in Ghana. Sunday, April 6th, 2008, clock, Lukaskirche Luzern Advance booking: red. Hans Wiederkehr. Tel Top Fifty SA 54, chemin des Cuarroz, CH-1807 Blonay Tel: +41 (0) L urgence créée par le manque soudain d un cadre dirigeant est rapidement et efficacement résolue avec un mandat intérimaire confié à un membre du réseau Top Fifty Philippe Erard Partenaire Suisse alémanique France (Région Rhône-Alpes) Sierre Energie solaire. Il faut discerner deux technologies solaires. Le solaire photovoltaïque qui est destiné à produire de l électricité et le solaire thermique qui produit de la chaleur convertie en energy. C est dans cette 2 ème technology qu est specialisée l company Energie Solaire SA. Celle-ci a réussi à développer un type “d absorbeur” offer un rendement parmi les plus élevés sur le marché. Celui-ci est recouvert d une couche sélective à base de chrome noir qui permet de capter un maximum du rayonnement solaire. A l intérieur de l absorbeur, un fluid caloporteur circule en permanence; celui-ci est dirigé vers un échangeur qui va chauffer un «stock» d eau chaude qui pourra être utilisé pour des besoins divers (eau chaude sanitaire, chauffage, etc). L absorbeur peut être utilisé tel quel, sans vitrage pour des applications ne nécessitant pas des températures élevées (chauffage des piscines, préchauffage d eau chaude sanitaire, chauffage à basse température). Lorsque l absorbeur est intégré dans un cadre métallique recouvert d un verre trempé, il devient un “capteur solaire vitré”. C est celui-ci qui est le plus souvent intégré dans les toitures des villas. Pour une famille de quatre personnes, une surface de capteur d about 6 m 2 couplée avec un stock tampon de 500l d eau chaude suffit à couvrir les besoins en eau chaude sanitaire. Le coût d une telle installation avoisine les Fr Cet investissement sera amorti en 10 à 15 ans.

8 Music tour: out and about with other Rotarians The Berlin Philharmonic in the Waldbühne June 2008 The concert by the Berlin Philharmonic in the magical atmosphere of the Waldbühne is one of the great moments of classical music. The evening begins with a pick-nick, and the musicians say goodbye to the summer break with the encore "That's the Berlin air". In between you can listen to the sounds of one of the best orchestras in the world, conducted in 2008 by the shooting star Gustavo Dudamel. The concert is the highlight of a weekend, which also includes a great opera, a lot of cosiness, exquisite gastronomy and the proximity to the water. Experience Berlin from an unknown, but at the same time from its most beautiful and diverse side. Travel program June 13, 2008, Friday: flight from Zurich to Berlin. Big city tour from the airport. You will see sights such as Charlottenburg Palace, Reichstag, Strasse unter den Linden as well as imposing buildings of modern Berlin and take a varied boat trip on the Spree. In the evening, gourmet dinner on porcelain from the famous KPM manufactory. June 14, 2008, Saturday: morning at leisure. In the afternoon, exclusive invitation to a private penthouse apartment on Kurfürstendamm. In the evening, Beethoven's “Fidelio” in the State Opera with S. Weigle (conductor), St. Braunschweig (staging) and K. Tiihoonen, A. Queiroz, B. Fritz, Chr. Fischesser and others. June 15, 2008, Sunday: Enjoyable ride along the wonderful Havelchaussee through the Grunewald. Stop at the Grunewald Tower and have lunch on a terrace with a view of the lake. After a relaxing boat trip, you will arrive at the Waldbühne at 6 p.m., where an exclusive pick-nick awaits you to kick off an atmospheric evening. Concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker with Gustavo Dudamel (conductor) and Anna Martina Martinez (soprano) with works by Chavez, De Falla, Revueltas, Villa-Lobos, Ginastera and Marquez. June 16, 2008, Monday: Free time. Take advantage of a variety of shopping opportunities, e.g. in the nearby Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe). In the late afternoon coffee and cake at a famous address, transfer and flight back to Zurich. Arrival at o'clock. Hotel Brandenburger Hof Charming house in a city palace in a quiet side street, a few meters from Kurfürstendamm and KaDeWe. Member of the "Small Luxury Hotels of the World". Rooms in timeless elegance, in the style of the "New Objectivity" with every comfort. Quadriga gourmet restaurant (1 Michelin star, 17 Gault Millaut points), winter garden, piano bar, beauty suite. Breakfast buffet. 82 rooms. Registration coupon Musikreise Berlin June 2008 Notes / ACS tour guide Number of participants: min. 10, max. 25. Tickets for the Waldbühne are not numbered, all seats have an optimal view and offer good acoustics. Seats are reserved for you in the best central sector. This trip will be accompanied by David Frauch, Managing Director of ACS-Reisen AG, who lived in Berlin for several years and is still closely associated with the city. Price (per person) Fr in a double room (when booking until) Fr in a single room (when booking until) Fr surcharge when booking from cancellation and return travel insurance on request. Services Swiss scheduled flight from Zurich including airport taxes; 3 nights at the Brandenburger Hof including breakfast buffet; Service, taxes and VAT in the hotel; Excursions and transfers according to the travel program; 1 lunch and 2 dinner (excluding drinks), pick-nick in the Waldbühne; Coffee and cake in private apartment; best tickets State Opera and Waldbühne; detailed travel documents; experienced ACS tour guide. If you have any questions, please contact: ACS-Reisen AG, Zollikofen, Tel. I / we order / n against invoice: Space / spaces in a double room on Friday (when booking from) Space / spaces in a single room on Friday (when booking from) Cancellations - and return travel cost insurance (we will be happy to contact you) First name: First name: Street, no .: Tel.P / G: Place and date: Name: Name: Post code, place: Rotary Club: Signature: Please fill out in block capitals and send it to: ACS-Reisen AG, Bernstrasse 164, 3052 Zollikofen, phone, fax

9 VIE DES CLUB 9 St. Gallen SODIS. The collection target set by the St. Gallen city clubs for the SODIS project has already been exceeded with binding francs. In District 2000, the aim is to donate Swiss francs to the project raised as a district project. Nidau-Biel Wild Sauce. The club's annual game meal has already established itself as a club tradition. The host of the rest. Tanne in Gaicht ob Twann prepared the venison delivered by club friends excellently. This year it was a relatively young "pillar" weighing 33 kg, which the two friends Kurt Halter (picture) and Erwin Schmutz hunted down. The event is framed by contributions from the world of hunters with a greater or lesser proportion of hunter's Latin. Red. Peter Steiner Toggenburg detour. Gabriela Leist gave a lecture on the thinking tool of writing. She regrets that most people fail to recognize the immense power of creative use of language, since the act of writing triggers thought processes that would otherwise not be triggered. In this context she quoted the writer Kurt Marti: "Writing is a detour that thinking takes in order to come with me to the goal that apparently cannot be reached in any more direct way." La Chaux-de-Fonds Sapin Solidarité. Le club a participé le 6 December 2007 à l illumination du sapin de Noël de la Chaux-de-Fonds à l instar de ce que fait le RC Neuchâtel depuis plusieurs années. Le public a acheté virtuellement les ampoules qui décorent le sapin pour financer une action au service des enfants de la region. Chaque personne achetant une ampoule, a reçu une carte de Noël confectionnée par le center des Perce-Neige (handicapés) et par le peintre neuchâtelois Colliard. Une tente chauffée avait été montée sur la place proche du sapin, animée par des groupes de musique et des chorales d enfants. Un comité d organization, piloté par les clubs Rotary de la région (La Chaux-de- Fonds / Montagnes neuchâteloises / Inner Wheel) s était mis au travail dès le mois de mai pour préparer cet événement. Le bénéfice de la manifestation devrait dépasser les francs. Red. E. Develey Flawil hospital clowns. Christine Köhli is a member of the “Theodora: The Clown in the Spital” foundation. Theodora was the mother's name, whose son recovered after a serious accident in the hospital and who met clowns in the hospital who cheered up little patients. He then set himself the goal of making this type of therapy accessible to many children and the disabled. Thanks to the foundation, more than 40 clowns work every week in 35 Swiss hospitals and six other institutions. With the “Solidarity Switzerland” program, clowns are also active in England, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Belarus, South Africa and Turkey. Schwyz political climate. In a national political assessment, Rot. Bruno Frick also spoke of the consequences of voting out Federal Councilor Blocher. He does not believe that the SVP's opposition role will change much. The only possibility is that the arguments will become more dogged and violent. "But hardly essential, since it was also stated in the SVP that the deselection was a style acknowledgment." As Vice President Blocher will lead the party tightly. But he also knows that Switzerland does not want permanent no-sayers. "In this regard, he reacts faster and smarter than his followers." Schönenberg innovation. In order to accommodate club members who have difficulty attending lunch due to long journeys or for professional reasons, an evening dinner is now always held on the last Wednesday of the month instead of lunch in the «Rössli» Schönenberg. Friborg-Sarine Requins. Les requins existent depuis 400 millions d années. Actualement, on connaît 4470 espèces de requins, tous plutôt timides à en croire le Rot. Guido Kessler et sa femme qui les ont étudiés et filmés. Lors de la présentation du film au RC Friborg-Sarine l auteur a vanté leurs sens ouïe, vue, odorat exceptionnellement développés, particulièrement les “ampoules de Lorenzini” qui permettent au requin de s orienter le long du champ magnétique de la terre. Thought of the month The mind is the driver, but the emotion is the drive. unknown

10 VIE DES CLUBS 10 RC Oberer Zürichsee world champion cooks Looking into the pots of a world cook’s champion, that’s what the club members wanted, because they knew that someone would work in the kitchen team at their club. Hosts Vreni and Paul Rüegg of the Panoramahotel Feusisberg fulfilled the wish and let the chef Richard Lang, who belongs to the world championship team, lift the pot lids. While he conjured up the world championship menu, World Cup team boss Beat Weibel from Biel presented the philosophy of the “Swissness team” with real top-class sporting commitment. 600 hours of preparation Beat Weibel put together a competition brigade with top chefs from the Bern region five years ago. As a national team, she won her first medals in Singapore as early as 2002, further victories followed and in May 2007 she was crowned world champions in Chicago, ahead of Canada and Norway. The six-person team prepares 600 hours for a World Cup, transports a ton of material and works non-stop for at least 24 hours during the competition. The Swiss only have a third of the budget of the toughest competition. The world champions Richard Lang and Beat Weibel let Paul and Vreni Rüegg look into the pots in the Panorama Feusisberg. Proving evidence The national culinary team cultivates the art of cooking out of passion and passion. The connoisseur is served a world of pleasure, fantasy, emotions, creativity, in short a symbiosis of nature and cuisine. The courses are designed in such a way that the eyes and the palate are pampered, but they are also cooked without a large loss of material. Lobster tail bisque royal cooked in olives, caramelized with rosemary vanilla sugar, sautéed pikeperch fillet with lemon marinade and plucked leaf and sprout salad opened the evening. Roasted lamb sirloin with thyme, lamb blanket with sauternes-gros-grain sauce and pressed crispy lamb croquettes followed as the main course. Decisive about victory or place of honor are the desserts, which were served as real works of art. Olympic gold as a goal In October 2008 the Culinary Olympics will take place in Erfurt. Beat Weibel and Richard Lang will cook for Swiss gold with their colleagues. Around six training banquets will be served by then and anyone who is allowed to take part as a guest will be enthusiastic about this fringe sport Red. Peter Blöchlinger Schaffhausen 50plus. Prof. Zeier dealt with the menopause in men. He pointed out that among other changes that occur with increasing age after the age of 30, if nothing is done about it, muscle mass decreases by one percent per year, while the percentage of body fat in relation to the 20-year-old in 60-year-olds decreases doubles to 30 percent! Crans-Montana Des volutes au profit des enfants transplantés. Dans une ambiance colorée et chaleureuse, bercée par des rythmes envoûtants, l Escale aux Caraïbes 2007, deuxième du nom, a rempli son rôle initial de la plus belle manière. The organisateurs destinèrent à nouveau la totalité du bénéfice dégagé aux associations choisies et parrainées par les clubs Kiwanis et Rotary de Crans-Montana. Pour ce dernier qui la soutient de manière régulière, c est Tackers qui s est vu attribué un chèque d un montant de francs. Créée en 2002 by Liz Schick, Tackers (Europe) a pour but d organiser chaque année un camp d hiver en Suisse, à Anzère, réunissant des centaines d enfants transplantés en provenance de 24 pays. The camp offre une opportunité à ces enfants d apprendre le suivi du régime des médicaments post-transplantation en dehors de l environment hospitalier, dans une ambiance saine, enrichissante et ludique. Differences at Greifensee. Rot. Heinrich Sandner, President of the partner club Ingolstadt-Kreuztor, said on the occasion of a visit: "I am happy to be with dear friends who are a little different from us." He notices the cordiality here, the pride of the Swiss in their country, their understanding of democracy and their achievements. In Germany one is a little "stiffer".

11 11 RC Ägeri-Menzingen Motivation Music At the end of January, 99 young people were in a musical competition for the sixth time on the initiative of the club. Organized with four music schools in the region, music, catchy light entertainment, famous jazz standards, rock sounds and waltzes. Rotary President Hans Barmet assessed the great success of the participants and the invitation Le Rotary dans l espace Le 18 mars 2008, les neuf clubs Rotary du canton de Neuchâtel, Nord vaudois et Jura Bernois organisent une soirée "Claude Nicollier" qui parlera de l exploration de l espace par l homme au Center sportif de Colombier (1830). Le bénéfice de la rencontre avec l astronaute suisse ira à la fondation Enfants et Sport et au MJSR. of the great Rotary Music School Award was a great success with over 300 listeners. The audience followed the performances of the 36 youth ensembles with excitement. The consistently high quality of the music lectures, the astonishing variety of the lecture pieces and the noticeable enthusiasm of the young musicians give the music schools the best marks. Raisins of the classic could be heard, the high quality of the lectures as a testament to the fact that young musicians like to compete: "The initiative of our Rotary Club six years ago to promote teamwork in ensembles has proven to be groundbreaking." In doing so, Rotary makes a contribution to meaningful leisure activities for young people. Original report under Rorschach-Arbon Jubilee. As Andrea Weinhold, head of the Eastern Switzerland office of the «Dargebotenen Hand», learned that this institution was founded in England in 1953. The origin of this ad was: "If you want to kill yourself, give me a call." The organization, co-founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler, has been active in Switzerland for 50 years. The cantons of eastern Switzerland alone have over 70 contacts every day, and around Freedom is what makes life worth living every year. It is being able to Power Beauty Soul Official fuel consumption for DB9 (automatic) in liters / 100km (mpg). Combined 16.5 (17.1). CO 2 emissions 394 g / km. to lower the roof and let the heavens roll by. With its 6.0 liter V12 engine and rich blend of hand-crafted natural materials, the DB9 provides the perfect way to free the mind, replenish the body and stir the soul.

12 THEME DU MOIS 12 Red. Walter Frey is the second largest car dealer in Switzerland. His Emil Frey Group imports and sells small cars through to luxury SUVs, sedans and sports cars

13 13 In a personal conversation with Rot. Walter Frey Traffic grows with the population Car importer, SVP politician and Rotarian Walter Frey tells Rotary about himself and his views on leisure and mobility. Rotary: Mr. Frey, as a successful businessman and politician, do you still have time for yourself? Red. Walter Frey: Too little. But it's my own fault! How and when do you relax? In my spare time I am an outdoor man. Hunting is one of my hobbies. That's why I can often be found in the Montafon, where I lease a hunt. I also enjoy relaxing in my Albführung estate in the southern Black Forest, a former Maggi estate. Today, the automotive industry is under pressure, especially from environmental protection. How do the ongoing discussions affect buying behavior? Such discussions are nothing new. Again and again the car turns into a whipping boy, which I defend myself against. After all, neither the predicted forest dieback took place, nor the petrol shortage predicted by the Club of Rome. At the moment, the environmental debate is again acute, which means that customers are more sensitive to environmentally relevant factors such as gasoline consumption. fend is growing. Today, over 80% is covered by private transport, which is the result of our freedom and structural development. The increase in traffic requires an expansion of the transport systems. Public and private transport must complement each other. Private transport has some catching up to do. The "congestion policy" should be overcome. There is no economy and standard of living without traffic. Is mobility becoming a luxury? Is driving a luxury? Did you find your dream job when you chose a career in the automotive industry? Was your father's successor even up for discussion? My father left everything open to me, but also gave me opportunities that he left to me to use or not, he offered me to introduce the Toyota vehicles, which were still little known to us at the time, in Switzerland. I was so enthusiastic about this job that I dropped out of my studies and got fully involved in my father's business. Even during my business studies in Zurich and London, I was working on the side in the company, for example as a salesman, secretary to the management, head of advertising or even as a translator, I took over the management of Emil Frey AG as managing director and in 1975 my father sold me the company . But he still actively helped for around 20 years. An Austin Healy is one of Walter Frey's classic car treasures. In your opinion, which are our no. Today there are safe, efficient and comfortable driving. Biggest traffic problems and how will we deal with our mobility tools between and in the future? Francs, which is growing in relation to the annual population, wages ten years ago are cheaper today. Switzerland is about people who can all live and work anywhere according to their choice and preferences and who need mobility- Will there ever be a Grand Prix- You used to drive car races. gen. And mobility brings traffic, does Switzerland give? who, in view of this fact, would be happy. But the

14 THEME DU MOIS 14 Red. Walter Frey Walter Frey was born on, is married and has three children. He studied at the University of Zurich and the London School of Economics, introduced Toyota in Switzerland, became managing director of Emil Frey AG and took over the family business. Today the Emil Frey Group is the largest car dealer in Switzerland with operations in Germany, France and Eastern Europe. Walter Frey's favorite car, a mini convertible, is still in winter storage waiting for the first warm spring days. The probability that I will experience a GP Switzerland is not very high. Because in addition to a competitive slope, you also need an organization that could bring Formula 1 to Switzerland. One can always hope. Do you also spend your free time with automobiles? The car is an important part of my free time. It reliably guides me to the places where I can relax, at the time I want. I also own some classic sports cars that are fun to move. GP-Switzerland How did you become a Rotarian? Rot. Jürg Niedermann from our Götticlub Zürich-Limmattal asked me if I would like to help found the RC Zürich-Nord. I was convinced by Rotary's goals, and I was enthusiastic about it. During my time as a member of the National Council, I received an exemption from attendance. What does Rotary mean to you today? For me, Rotary is an extremely positive movement that is supported by top people and that tries to give charitable projects and ideas, with sustainability and good will, both internally and externally, a framework capable of development. Have you ever been able to relate your job or your industry to Rotary? Yes, I have been allowed to provide vehicles or transport services for Rotary projects on several occasions. But outside of Rotary, I have also supported many charitable projects at home and abroad. Are you familiar with the Rotary Fellowships? I know these interest groups, but I'm no longer involved in any of them today. Is it true that your favorite car is a mini? Yes, one of the last original Minis produced, a dark green convertible. Mr. Frey, thank you very much for this interview. Interview: Rot. Oliver Schaffner In 1984 Frey became President of the City of Zurich SVP before he was elected to the National Council in 1987. Until 2001 he held several important offices there. The election as parliamentary group president was the culmination of his political career. In 1992 he won the fight against accession to the European Economic Area, which he led as President of the Parliamentary Committee. He then campaigned for Switzerland to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In March 2008 Frey made his comeback as one of six Vice Presidents of the SVP. In addition to car racing, Frey was a striker on the GC hockey team for four years until 1962. Today he is the sponsor and president of the ZSC Lions. Walter Frey also has a weakness for agriculture. In the southern Black Forest he owns the Albführung Stud, a former homestead that he had converted into a resort with a horse farm, hotel and restaurant.

15 Centro di scambio Rotary per la mobilità Speciale struttura di mobilità per disabili Nel 2003, i due Rotary Club di Woking, nel Surrey (Regno Unito) hanno avuto l idea di creare, nel centro della città, una speciale struttura a favore dei disabili per agevolare il loro accesso all information e ai trasporti.L obiettivo mirava a creare una struttura di servizio permanente a disposizione della comunità e di evidenziare l impegno dei due Rotary Woking studiata per fornire informazioni alla popolazione e per assicurare l accesso alla mobilità. All interno, sono disponibili varie funzioni, tra cui: Un luogo riscaldato dove le persone possono attendere comodamente sedute i servizi di trasporto speciali come Bustler, Buggy per il centro città e Shopmobility. particolare per la città, per tramandare il ricordo dell avvio del progetnelli fotovoltaici per la fornitura au- e alluminio, sono installati dei panto, è stata murata sotto la Piazza tonoma di energia elettrica. Gloucester, una capsula contenente una serie di riferimenti del tempo Shopmobility presente, come quotidiani locali, Lo Shopmobility assicura delle sedie a rotelle manuali o motorizzate, francobolli e monete. speciali scooter e aiuti per camminare a chiunque abbia problemi di Il Rotary Mobility Exchange (Centro di scambio Rotary per la mobilità) è mobilità. Questi servizi possono essere prenotati. Sedie a rotelle e una moderna struttura, attigua agli Uffici amministrativi della città di scooter speciali possono anche essere predisposte da Exchange, previo accordo preliminare, se prenotate in combinazione con il servizio Bustler. Shopmobility dispone di speciali parcheggi nei Centri commerciali e presso le strutture principali della città. Porta a porta Il Bluster è un servizio di trasporto collettivo, una ricca flotta di minibus Il Bluster è un servizio di trasporto collettivo per disabili e persone anziane. Il buggy per il centro città offre il trasporto gratuito. Lo Shopmobility assicura delle sedie a rotelle manuali o motorizzate. Club a favore della loro città. I progetti sono iniziati nel 2005, anno del semplice uso, che fornisce information- Un interfaccia informatica, di Centenario del Rotary International. mazioni particolareggiate sui vari In seguito si sono cercati gli sponsor servizi locali, sui negozi, sui trasporti e sui gruppi di aiuto comu- per assicurare il finanziamento, insieme al Rotary, al partner principale del progetto, il Consiglio della L accessoig ai servizi. nitario locali. Città di Woking. Nel marzo del 2006, in un giorno Centenario del RI Sul tetto della struttura in vetro gialli per disabili e persone angiane. Il servizio offre una prestazione prenotabile porta a porta per persone con difficoltà motorie. Le fermate dei minibus in vari punti del centro città prevedono anche lo scambio (messa a disposizione di sedie a rotelle e scooter speciali). Buggy per il centro Il Buggy per il centro città offre il trasporto gratuito dal lunedì al venerdì per tutti quelli che hanno difficoltà di muoversi nel centro città Il Buggy è gestito da Exchange ed è molto flessibile, also se commercial può operare all interno dei center . Un progetto veramente copies e altamente meritorio che assicura la mobilità e l accessibilità alla città a tutti. PDG Carlo Michelotti

16 THEME DU MOIS 16 Interview with Rot. Claude Sage, RC Genève-Lac Le Salon de l auto et l avenir de la mobilité Rot. Claude Sage; le salon de l auto est la plus grande manifestation publique de Suisse. Claude Sage, vous êtes membre du RC Genève-Lac, président du Conseil d administration de Honda (Automobiles (Suisse) SA et vous avez aussi été président du Salon international de l automobile de Genève. Source est la raison d être de ce Salon aujourd hui? CS Le Salon de Genève a lieu tous les ans dans un pays non-constructeur d automobiles et donc neutre, un pays test pour les marques; ils y présentent leurs nouveaux produits et peuvent les comparer avec ceux de la concurrence et cherchent évidemment à inciter à l agate. L attrait est manifeste: le Salon de l auto est la plus grande manifestation publique de Suisse, avec quelque visiteurs par an. Mais le Salon offre aussi et surtout l occasion et spécialistes; ils traiteront des défis futurs et commenteront les solu- de montrer l advancement technologique dans l industrie automobile. tations. Yat-il de grands progrès? Et l écologie dans ce contexte? Oh oui, le développement est considérable: pour les moteurs aussi forum. Mais n oublio ns pas Elle sera le sujet principal de ce que cibé sur le futur l industrie de l auto na pas de lobby en bien que sur le plan de la sécurité et de la protection de l environnement. Les aspects techniques Suisse, quoiqu elle assure quelque et la recherche ont d ailleurs gagné 10 pour cent des emplois du pays: en importance ces dernières années au Salon; il est de plus en plus press specialisée et j en passe. Le garagistes, carrossiers, vendeurs, ciblé sur le futur. De plus, cette année pour la première fois, un forum peuvent toujours s en prendre à lui, Salon est leur seule vitrine. Certains international se tiendra pendant le mais la mobilité routière ne va pas Salon sur la mobilité future avec disparaître, malgré la malédiction quelque 250 scientifiques, experts des Ayatollahs de l environnement.

17 17 Red. Claude F. Sage Claude Sage studied technology and economics and graduated from the University of Lausanne with a degree in economics. Claude Sage is Vice-President of the Committee of the International Motor Show, a member of the founding council of the International Motor Show in Geneva and a member of the founding council of Orgexpo-Palexpo. Until mid-1960 he worked as a journalist at the Revue Automobile in Bern. He then worked in the import and distribution business of automobiles of various brands before negotiating the import contract for the Honda car brand in 1973 and setting up Honda Automobiles (Suisse) SA in 1974. Since 1977 he has been General Manager. In the 1960s he was an amateur car driver and contested long-distance races such as the 24-hour race in Le Mans. Rot. Claude Sage has been a member of the RC Genève-Lac since 1983. Au contraire, les pronostics prévoient une croissance de 30, voire de 40 pour cent ces prochaines années. Il est donc impératif de trouver des solutions réalistes à unproblemème indéniable, d harmoniser les offres et les efforts pour assurer une mobilité indispensable à la société et à l économie et tenir compte de l environnement. tout au plus desprobleme sociaux, mais elles ne fourniraient pas de solutions, ni pour la circulation, ni pour l environnement. Pour y arriver, il faudra coordonner les efforts entre recherche, application, constructions et réglementation. Propos recueillis par Rot. H.P. Little Ce qui veut dire? Il y a deux approches: l une est technique. L industrie de l automobile a tout intérêt à développer des véhicules qui consomment moins les réserves en carburant fossil ne sont pas inépuisables et sont plus acceptables pour l environnement. Les chercheurs ont déjà considérablement amélioré l efficacité des moteurs et ils poursuivent leurs travaux; je ne citerai que la propulsion hybride or encore la pile à combustible, basée sur l hydrogène. The “fuel cells” ne sont pas encore commercialisés en grande série, mais ils viendront, et la seule chose qui s échappera alors d un moteur, ce sera de l eau. Et l autre approche? Elle est d ordre politique. La collaboration entre transports publics et privés doit être améliorée. A Friborg une partie des places de stationnement de la gare a été fermée dans le but de réduire (!) La circulation en ville. Dès lors, comment amener les automobilistes à utiliser le rail? "Mobility" de l autre côté montre la bonne direction, mais est encore bien marginale. La volonté non dogmatique de collaborer fait encore défaut. What about new investments in infrastructure? Bien sûr et même vite. Par example, l on aurait besoin du troisième rail et d une troisième voie CFF entre Genève et Lausanne maintenant et non pas dans un futur nébuleux. Plus de 80 pour cent de tous les transports sont assurés aujourd hui par la route. Des interdictions et de nouvelles taxes créeraient Conduisez vos recrutements en toute sécurité avec Move UP

18 DISTRICT Regional Conference Central Switzerland An evening with consequences The regional conference Central Switzerland of the District 1980 developed very differently than planned. Above all, the evening will have consequences for the Swiss Rotary movement. If the ambitious plan works! The regional conferences with the presidents and presidents elect in the 1980 district, which have been held for a number of years, are developing into an increasingly important platform for an open exchange of views and for motivation to take joint actions. A prime example of this is the Central Switzerland regional conference in Zug. Assistant Governor Rot. Urs Schwyzer had put together a program for the meeting in Zug with agenda items such as presence, advancement of women, cooperation with Rotaract and the like. That was how it happened. But after just under half an hour, red had enough. Andy Kleeb, President RC Zug-Zugersee: “Instead of discussing club life, we'd better discuss what connects us. Common Rotarian values ​​and common actions. " fully motivated Polio as an opportunity In the case of “shared values” and “joint actions with external impact”, polio plus was an issue within minutes. DG Urs Herzog was still happy to take on this ball. Because Rotary International wants to make a final step to defeat polio around the world. For this, Rotary has received known to be 100 million US dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; an amount that Rotary now wants to double with its own resources. "This requires the commitment of every district in the world and every club in every district," said Herzog. He is pleased to see that many clubs are already carrying out corresponding activities in their catchment area over the next few months. National Polio Day The Central Switzerland Regional Conference became more and more offensive, courageous and creative. It was agreed that Polioplus is an excellent topic for Rotary to make a difference on a broader scale and to communicate this to the public. According to the regional conference, it would be best to launch a national polio day. September 13, 2008 turned out to be a suitable date. On this day, Rotary clubs in all three districts in their area or coordinated in the region should develop an activity for Polioplus. For the sake of comprehensibility, this action is propagated under "polio" and not "polio". Working group formed The dynamic of the discussion led to enthusiasm and motivation to make an active contribution. How did one participant say so beautifully? "We Rotarians are not only allowed to donate, we have to lend a hand." For this reason, some of those present agreed to participate in a working group that will first examine the feasibility of the idea more closely. The working group, chaired by Rot. Andy Kleeb, RC Zug-Zugersee, will be constituted in the next few weeks with representatives from all three districts if possible. DG Urs Herzog's confirmation has already been received. Others will follow, as will more information. Rot. Kurt Bischof First district tournament golfing for water Originally, the initiator Rot. Peter Neuhaus had the idea of ​​organizing a golf tournament for the Rotary clubs in Central Switzerland. After discussions with Governor Urs Herzog and the old Rotary Golf master Rot. Oskar Kneubühler, it soon became clear that the first attempt at a district tournament could be dared. For all three districts The tournament is open to all Rotarians, members of the Inner Wheel and Rotaract in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, including accompaniment. It is carried out on the golf club Küssnacht a.r., which is practically in the heart of Switzerland. The organization is made easier by the fact that there are numerous Rotarians there. Golf in the most beautiful landscape. Water for Tanzania The net proceeds of this charity tournament will go to the district project “Water for Tanzania”, to which Governor Urs Herzog is particularly concerned. The governor will personally greet all participants on tee 1, while his wife Marlene will hand over the snacks after nine holes. Information / registration: Rot. Peter Neuhaus Information about the course:

19 19 Conference de District à Genève Mi-temps Rot. P.-A. Guisan Dans le sport comme au Rotary, la mitemps est l occasion de faire une pause et de se retrouver autour d une tasse de thé (ou d un bon verre de vin), de faire le point et de tirer des plans sur la comète. Au Rotary, c est also presque la dernière possibilité pour le gouverneur en fonction de rappeler ses propres objectifs. Ceux du DG Pierre Chalut étaient ciblés sur la Foundation et tout specifiquement sur les dons de son district qu il aimerait tripler pour atteindre les francs. A la mi-temps, son objectif est encore loin d être réalisé. Le mandat et l importance de la Foundation ont donc été mis en exergue à cette assemblée. Le PDG Pierre-Louis Douzet, représentant personnel du président mondial, s est exprès déplacé de Paris pour transmettre l appel du Président RI qui demande de faire encore un effort pour l éradication de la polio à l échelle mondiale; elle est encore endémique dans quatre pays aujourd hui 70 étudiants de 35 pays difficiles d accès. Le red. Pierre Vogel, responsable du District 1990 ont aussi été évoqués. pour la Foundation, a donné quelques chiffres: la Foundation a récol- a bien été la Foundation, d autres su- Si le sujet phare de cette conférence té plus de 1.8 billion de dollars depuis sa création à la fin de la Premiè- projet rodéo du rot. Félix Gueissaz jets ont also été abordés dont le re Guerre mondiale. Tous les fonds (RC Neuchâtel) qui l a présenté avec collectés sont réservés à des projets, beaucoup d enthousiasme. Rodéo p. ex. aux programs de formation, la Fondation, le partage complétera Mine-ex grâce à l achat d un Digger (machine d aide humanitaire ou depuis 20 ans, à la lutte contre la polio. Les frais de gestion de la Foundation sont uniquement couverts avec les intérêts du capital; les dons sont placés pendant trois ans avant d être débloqués pour remplir l objectif. La moitié des dons est d ailleurs réservée aux districts qui les ont récoltés pour leurs propres projets rien de nouveau mais, peu de rotariens le savent échange de groupes d études, les subsidies de contrepartie tout comme le nouveau center d études d extraction de mines anti-personnel) qui permettra de déminer des champs agricoles en Angola. L assemblée de district a eu lieu le lendemain avec entre autres, l approbation des comptes annuels. L aspect culturel n a nullement été négligé pendant ces deux jours à Genève: le prof. Iso Camartin (Uni Zurich) a parlé de “l aventure de la langue et des plaisirs de Babel” et le brillant duo de jazz que forment le pianiste Fabrice Eulry et le clarinettiste Jacky Milliet (rotarie du club des Ran- internationales qui compte giers) a joué pendant le souper. kl

20 DISTRICT Review, outlook and statutes in the CS Communication Center Bocken / Horgen Rotary Quo vadis? The invitation to the semi-annual conference and district assembly on January 19 in the Credit Suisse Communication Center in Horgen was addressed to club presidents and their successors as well as to everyone who is particularly concerned about the global Rotarian movement. About 200 people came. handed the governor a medal from King Bhumibol, a gesture of gratitude from the patron of Rotary Thailand. Language assistance for children The RC Eastern Seaboard has created a CD, the Thai organization of events, about internal and external communication or about the inclusion of family members and dependents in the club activities. Future of Rotary Priorities of the group discus- As the governor sees it, DG Walter Müller drew a brief half-year review at the morning plenary session. He only praised his impressions from the club visits and underlined the good results of the club and community service activities. He sees room for improvement in terms of planning and internal communication. Walter Müller noticed differences from club to club when accepting new members, but here it is important to maintain the club's autonomy. As far as the current concerns at district level are concerned, the governor mentioned the water projects, the successful further training in stress management and the not yet optimal “corporate identity”. Looking ahead to the next six months, he reminded everyone that any applications had to be submitted to the Legislative Council by the end of April. Then he asked for due Foundation contributions to be paid, for support from Mine-Ex and Polio Plus as well as for the outstanding reports on club projects, although the relevant survey triggered different reactions. Medal from King Bhumibol Rot. Mario Barblan, tireless supporter of the SODIS project, which is a district concern and responsible for the operation in Thailand, recently the water supply for two school buildings was put into operation and further projects are in progress, over- DG Walter Müller looks up his club visits back. Photo: Rot. Ruth Amstein It made it easier for children to learn English according to the “open space” rules and thus better educated them. Anyone who is interested in club, young and old (the CompiSternli association is a nice example of the CD Thai English and a general example: interested in this topic, please contact Rot. Mario Barblan, RC se how to deal with children and teach older people - computers) , St. Moritz. active participation, integration of disabled people, implementation of the presidents under the leadership of a sponsor event, under the direction of the assistant governors, strategy, internet presence, Rotary attrac- Questions from the representative PDG Fredy Banz, tiv.The preoccupation with these questions the cadres of the clubs spoke about is certainly a permanent one about the questions they are dealing with. Discussions were made about these omens on club and on concerns. Doing and working should be constantly scrutinized, medium and long-term planning, and checked, with the importance of a prudent short-term, district level. Rotary must be attractive today and in the future through its homepages, through the cooperation with Rotaract, partner and governor Walter Müller hopes! other service clubs, about the nature of this discussion, important information

21 21 wise for the future path to take. Unchanged club fees The obligatory business of the district assembly was handled without any problems. PDG Pat Lahusen presented the bill for his year as governor, and the 2008/09 budget was presented, which provides for constant club fees of 60 francs. PDG Hubert Metzger was appointed as the next member of the Council on Legislation, i.e. for 2010. Water Symposium Water is Life On Saturday, one week before International Water Day, the district's first Rotary Water Symposium will take place. The participants are given an overview of what has been achieved this year and an outlook on how the project will be continued in the next year. A canton becomes known Rotary meets Glarus At the end of January Rotarians from different parts of Switzerland visited the canton of Glarus. This at the invitation of RC Glarus, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary (see also rotary CH / FL, Feb. 07). One of the participants, Rot. Hansruedi König, RC Zurich-West, raves about the eventful weekend and the lecture on stress The topic of stress management is dealt with as part of a district campaign. Various events on the topic have already been held. In this sense, the high standing, but nonetheless understandable for laypeople, explanations by Professor Rot, who researches, teaches and practically active in this field, made a valuable contribution to a better understanding of the problem. This is also in view of the half-day seminar on “Health Promotion and Prevention of Stress, Burnout and Depression” on March 1st in Zurich, which is intended to conclude the campaign. The phenomenon of stress that causes illness is current and, as studies have shown, much more widespread than expected! That ends well The district event in Horgen was once again well organized and provided the participants with a lot of new information. The response in the club bulletins was consistently positive. Representative of this is the hint from Rot. Bruno Bolli, recorded in the Bulletin of the RC St. Gallen: “He warmly recommends attending these events. Not only are there interesting presentations and discussions, but Rotarian friendship is also cultivated. ” Red. Erhard v. Szabel On this occasion, expert speakers have been invited who will illuminate water from a wide variety of perspectives. For example Otto Wohlwend: “Water in the field of tension between politics and livelihood” or Rot. Kurt Gujer: “Forest and Water”. There will also be reports on the current status of the D2000 water projects and a panel discussion with all speakers. Registration: Sporty Glarnerland tour. Photo: A. Seiterle sympathetic reception with princely hospitality by the Glarus Rotarians: “We guests were not only generously invited, accommodated and entertained, we also received a lot of valuable time from everyone involved! We are all extremely grateful for that. " In this way, a region and its (Rotarian) residents remain in the best, likeable memory. Original report under Governor 2010/11 comes from the DGN level elected At the end of January, the D 2000 nomination committee elected Bruno Glaus as district governor Nominée DGN for the 2010/11 year of office. Bruno Glaus, born in 1949 in Benken SG, is now a lawyer in Uznach, grandfather and member of the RC Lintebene. His curriculum vitae is available on the web under D 2000 news.

22 ROTARY SUISSE 22 Riflessioni del Governatore Giorno internazionale dell acqua 22 March 2008 sconsideratamente, del suo destino, del suo irrevocabile futuro. Questo potere di giudizio e di decisionse non ci spetta. Noi abbiamo il compito, anche se non sta scritto da nessuna parte, di aver cura di questo bene prezioso e di renderlo accessibile a chiunque. Dobbiamo, quindi, comportarci da Rotariani e da individui responsabili. Dobbiamo salvaguardare il patrimonio idrico e dosare i nostri fabbisogni in modo da non mettere a repentaglio la copertura dei fabbisogni delle future generazioni. In altre parole non dobbiamo consumare più materia prima «acqua» di L acqua, un bene prezioso e insostituibile per la fauna, per la flora e biamo preoccuparci della protezio- quanto la natura ci elargisce, dob- per l uomo: senz acqua non c è vita! Ecco, questo tema si può liquidell ambiente, dobbiamo assicurane delle acque e del monitoraggio dare so, molto lapidariamente. re il rifornimento idrico rinnovando Purtroppo, tuttavia, la cosa non è so semplice. L acqua è ormai responsabilità le infrastrutture, assicurando i ne- diventata un argomento di assoluta attualità, è materia politica ed done l erogazione in modo socialcessari investimenti e strutturan- economica, è un tema che decide mente sopportabile, affinché i costi per la vita la morte. È davvero dell acqua rimangano accessibili a tempo che s inizi ad occuparsene tutti (Sono questi degli imperativi per noi seriamente, ad assumersi delle responsabilità ed ha comportarsi in tutti affinché si possa garantire modo più consapevole per rispita unostità sul opportuni a nostitro poster di opportune . pianeta. Il Rotary dovrà, anche in futuro dedicarsi molto seriamente e intensamente al problema dell acqua. Da parte nostra dovremo continuare a collaborare ea considerare nostro preciso dovere continuare ad occuparci, prioritariamente, di progetti idrici. Lo scambio reciproco di es conoscenze sui progetti idrici el impegno personale in queste realizzazioni ci offrono l opportunità di poter decidere in prima persona del nostro futuro. Visitate il nostro sito dove, sotto la rubrica “Progetti di Club”, al tema ACQUA, potrete documentarvi su dove e con chi sono già stati realizzati dei progetti concreti.Una rubrica che consente di stabilire utili contatti con altri Club e altri amici Rotariani, di informarsi e di presentare i propri nuovi progetti. (Trad.PDG Carlo Michelotti) Urs Herzog, distretto 1980 L acqua non è ancora un diritto dell uomo, un diritto inalienabile rispetto al potere pubblico, quindi un diritto soggettivo giustificato, sulla spinta umanistica, dal diritto naturale o dal diritto razionale (motiv ). So come il fondamentale diritto della personalità, oppure il diritto alla libertà, l uguaglianza dei diritti, le pari opportunità, ecc. Se noi priviamo dell acqua un essere vivente, noi decidiamo, senza alcun diritto e Seguendo l appello del nostro Presidente Internazionale Wilf Wilkinson molti Rotary Club hanno deciso di prendere sul serio il tema dell acqua e di studiare e attuare progetti a level locale e, nazionale locale internazionale. Voi, in quanto soci di un Rotary Club vi avete collaborato e vi siete assunti delle responsabilità per cercare di capire meglio uno dei più seri problemi del nostro tempo e per contribuire alla sua soluzione.

23 23 In a short-term exchange to Florida Ursula Stricker talks With the alligator by Du Ursula Stricker made a short-term exchange to Florida in the summer of 2007. She talks about her time with her host family in Florida. "I had a very good time, a lot of fun and still learned English," says Ursula, summarizing her experiences. we were still in the first row and had a clear view of the unique spectacle. There is more to come! About an hour's drive from where we lived was an alligator farm. Of course we went there and looked at the terrifying reptiles. I learned that there are different types of alligators and was amazed by a giant crocodile from Australia. I was even allowed to touch a white alligator, luckily its mouth was taped shut. Beach stories Since we lived only a kilometer from the sea, we often went to the beach. There I also got to know the dark side of the sea: I was bitten by a jellyfish. Fortunately, it was not dangerous. My exchange student was also bitten maybe because Friday was the thirteenth? By the way, I also learned to surf, which was a lot of fun. In addition to all the leisure activities, I also had English lessons. With what I learned, it should be much easier for me later in school. I had a very nice host family who did a lot with me. So we went to a baseball game about one evening. I found the game amusing and we all had a lot of fun. After the game there was a wonderful fireworks display. But we also went on longer trips, for example to Disneyland. To do this, we left around noon and arrived at the “Disney Hotel” in the evening. We stayed here for three days and spent every day at Disneyland. Rocket launch included The Space Center was also on the program. We visited the impressive NASA exhibition. In the evening I was very lucky that a rocket was supposed to start and I was there live! Since we were there early enough, all in all I thought it was a very nice time but unfortunately too short! It was difficult for me to say goodbye, but I was looking forward to going home again. I wish many others such a pleasant exchange and I thank everyone, including my parents, for allowing me to take part in this exchange. Ursula Stricker NATURALLY GLASS FOR THE LOVE OF THE FUTURE. Vetropack AG CH-8180 Bülach vetropack

24 ROTARY PEOPLE 24 It's easier to rent a Rolls-Royce Red. Jürg Künzle in search of a duck Vive la Döschwo What to do when you're celebrating a wedding anniversary? I don't know how you are. At least I have to worry my head every time how this corner point in our life is to be celebrated worthily. For once, the idea was born quickly. We toured «La France» in the 2CV on our honeymoon. Across. So rent a 2CV and repeat the process. I immediately started looking for a rentable 2CV. But it is easier to rent a Mercedes, Rolls-Royce or a stretch limousine than a “Döschwo”. After three days of wasted love, I had to admit defeat. With a curse on my lips (otherwise I don't) I walked through my shop. Several people present grinned. One of the ladies asked with a smile what the reason for my anger was. She laughed out loud when I told her how I had fared looking for a 2CV. She promised me help because she had excellent contacts with the classic car scene. (Sure, her husband was president of the local club). Still: I didn't really believe in this possibility. Can we handle it? The next day said lady called me and gave me a telephone number. Still in disbelief, I waited until noon; then the oats stung me and I picked up the phone. A friendly male voice told me that he had been waiting a long time for my call and when I wanted to see the vehicle. I replied that I didn't want to see a vehicle, I just needed an ordinary gazebo on wheels for a weekend. He laughed and explained to me that The dream: Like on a honeymoon with the Döschwo through France. There were five of them in his garage, so I wouldn't have a choice and all the original parts, was not born in 57, with red seat covers. So it was Saturday's favorite. After a demonstration lap (the owner wanted to be sure and we were up early with anticipation. The proud owner of five 2CVs expected us to be able to walk) our journey started. Döschwos. A gray oldie, the Autobahn, but through the direction of Thun (of course not via Gur