How can I get a shorter neck

How to cover your neck with jewelry


1. Chains for a short and wide neck
2. Which earrings are ideal for a short and wide neck?
3. Distract from the broad neck with jewelry

Sometimes it's really nasty. You just want to buy a necklace, but then you are faced with an almost endless selection of necklaces. Short chains, long chains, multiple rows, with pearls, with or without pendants. The selection process can take time. Once you have decided on a chain, it should of course also match the type. Sounds good in theory, but is nowhere near as easy in practice. To give you a little help, I have a blog post for you today about suitable jewelry for short and wide necks. Everyone can of course wear the jewelry that they like. If it then underlines the advantages of its own type, all the better.

1. Chains for a wide and short neck

Not everyone can look like a model. There is always some little thing that we don't like about our body. But this non-existent perfection is what shapes us and what defines us. Models aren't perfect either. Only Photoshop brings the (desired) perfection. Somehow a very crooked ideal, don't you think so? If you are now and then desperate that the chain on the model looks so much better than on you, then I can help you today. You are beautiful the way you are. And if you have a rather wide and / or short neck, then that's not a shortcoming. If you still want to fool a little visually, a lot depends on the right jewelry.

With wide and short necks, a long chain can do a lot visually. The long chains can easily reach into the cleavage, but should not necessarily go beyond that. Even better than one long chain are several long chains. ;)

Here you can vary the chain lengths, the loose play with different chains sets a completely different focus than a single chain. The best necklace for you should never be close to your neck. Such chains visually compress a short neck much more than one might initially assume. Chain pendants are allowed, but can be kept rather discreet and not too large.

You don't have to refrain from Colliers. If you wear them, you'd better pair them with a dress or shirt with a larger neckline. A necklace with a blouse without a collar that ends close to the neck is not so nice. Necklaces with smaller elements and gemstones look particularly harmonious.

Oh yes, if you really want to have a chain that is actually too short for you, that's not a big deal either. For such cases, there are special extension sets that can be hooked into the chain clasps. But they are not always enough. For such cases, you simply tie a strap made of fabric or leather through the clasps and you can extend the chain to the desired size. And such a tied bow in the neck looks pretty pretty too, don't you think?

2. Which earrings are ideal for a wide and short neck?

A similar principle applies here. No squat shapes, prefer something that exudes lightness and freshness. In concrete terms, this means that with a short neck, the best earrings are earrings that look slightly playful and should reach your chin as much as possible. No wide statement jewelry, no sweeping earrings. Instead, hoop earrings or delicate feather jewelry that gently caress the contours of the face. Earrings with gemstones of different sizes that imitate the shape of a raindrop, for example. Or ear studs in all sorts of colors that get by without any further frills. Where the stud itself is simply the focus.

3. Distract from the broad neck with jewelry

It doesn't always have to be chains. Bracelets also have their charms. And if you're really not in the mood for chains, then just focus on your arms. Here you can show off big and use eye-catching rings and bracelets. And literally show greatness. Wide bangles and wristwatches, material mixes and sparkling rhinestones: you are spoiled for choice.

Brooches can also set accents and distract from small flaws. Don't place them too high up on your blouse or shirt, but rather a little to the side.