You can sleep at Doha Airport

Doha Airport, also known as Hamad International Airport (HIA) and the hub of the airline Qatar Airways, received a 5-star rating from Skytrax a long time ago. I took a look around the super modern airport and the luxurious business lounges and in this article I'll tell you what to expect when you stop over at Hamad International Airport in Qatar.

Hamad International Airport - hub of Qatar Airways

What is behind the award?

Services in the airport

Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Stopover in Qatar

What makes Hamad International Airport a 5 star airport?

Hamad International Airport, which only opened in 2014, is the first and only airport in the Middle East to receive a 5-star rating in the Skytrax rating. All over the world there are only eleven other airports that can claim this award. But what is actually awarded by Skytrax? Quite simply: a 5-star rating means that passengers usually get out of their stay at the airport without exception enthusiastic were.

Criteria for the airport ranking:
  • Handling of flight operations
  • Customer service
  • transfer
  • security
  • entry
  • gastronomy
  • Shopping possibilities
  • Here you can call up the complete rating

The following aspects in particular are assessed in the various categories: handling of flight operations, customer service, transfer, security, immigration, gastronomy and shopping opportunities - these criteria were met at the HIA to the complete satisfaction of the passengers. Doha Airport has thus joined the ranks of the world's best airports, including Singapore Changi, Hong Kong International Airport and Munich Airport.

But that's not all: Doha Airport was included in the ranking of the World Airport Awards 22nd in 2015, it made it to 10th place in 2016 and 4th place in 2019. A great result, especially when you consider that more than 13 million passengers from all over the world have already voted in the World Airport Ranking to have.

What is Skytrax?

Skytrax is one Rating agency from Great Britainwhich has been conducting surveys around the world on the quality of international airlines and airports for decades. Based on real reviews from various travelers, the best of the best are chosen here. Service, comfort, catering - Air travelers can evaluate these and many other factors on the basis of their own experiences on the Skytrax website.

This is what awaits you at the airport

Pure relaxation at Hamad International Airport

I have no doubts that Hamad International Airport deserves its 5 stars.

Already knew?

Hamad International Airport is environmentally friendly. The building is designed in such a way that the cold is optimally stored. In addition, the water that is used in daily operation is used for subsequent irrigation of the surrounding area.

In Doha, a stopover is more than just an annoying necessity, because everything is done here to make your stay as pleasant and stress-free as possible. In many lounges and relaxation rooms, which are open to passengers of all airlines, you can recover from the stresses and strains of flying at the HIA and recharge your batteries for the next stage. There are also several prayer rooms. If you want to be alone and enjoy a few hours of sleep in peace, you can get a room in the OryxAirport Hotel book. There you can even rent for periods of five hours or more and all without leaving the terminal. Another highlight is that Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center. There you can work out in the swimming pool, fitness studio or with squash or come down with a massage or spa treatment.

From shops to restaurants, the HIA has a lot to offer

If you don't feel like relaxation, you will find it in that too huge duty-free area, which with around 50 boutiques is one of the largest of its kind, enough to keep you busy. From fine jewelry, luxurious accessories, fashion and cosmetics to delicacies, there is everything a shopping heart desires. You can strengthen yourself in one of 25 cafes and restaurants.

HIA in numbers
  • 13 relaxation rooms
  • 85 public toilets
  • Unlimited WiFi 24 hours a day
  • 2,600 date palms and over 7,800 deciduous trees on the site
  • After expansion, the airport can handle around 50 million passengers a year

Who his Use stopover productively would of course also have the opportunity to do so. From the moment you land, WiFi is provided free of charge everywhere in the airport. In addition, there are Mac computers in several areas and there are optimal opportunities to work on the laptop or to talk to business partners.

The is a real figurehead of Hamad International Airport extensive art collection become. This is curated in cooperation with the Qatar Museum and exhibited at various points in the airport with the aim of bringing art out of its classic museum environment to public places. The art collection consists mainly of sculptures like that "Lamp Bear", a giant teddy bear in a lamp, seen in the picture below. According to its creator, the Swiss artist Urs Fischer, this statue should evoke childhood memories and create a pleasant atmosphere in its surroundings.

Lounges in Hamad International Airport

Of course, in such a modern airport the exquisite lounges should not be missing, in which travelers can rest and strengthen themselves for the onward flight. Six lounges, the Al Safwa First Lounge, the Al Mourjan Business Lounge, the Al Maha Services Lounges, the Oryx Lounge as well as a First and a Business Class Lounge are available to passengers. On my last stopover in Doha, I was allowed toAl Mourjan Business Lounge test it for you and now give you a little insight.

Welcome to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge

The entrance to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge is easy to miss at first glance, very close to the giant yellow bear, an escalator takes you up over the large halls of the airport. The ticket is checked briefly because only passengers of the actually have access to the lounge Qatar Airways and oneworld Business Class Access. Once at the top, passengers are greeted by a huge lounge area. Around 1,000 guests can relax here and make themselves comfortable on two levels. Biggest eye-catcher and simply impressive: the huge chandelier around which the spiral staircase winds to the upper floor.

Imposing design and great features

You won't find thick carpets or gold-decorated candlesticks here, instead the furnishings impress with their modern design, cool colors and great materials. Guests from all over the world feel at home here, that's for sure. The lounge area on the gallery in the entrance area is particularly cozy, here the architects have tried to create a real resort feeling. Interwoven wooden partitions provide privacy and the comfortable armchairs invite you to simply relax for a few hours.

If you have to work, you can go to the back of the Al Mourjan Business Lounge private jobs withdraw. The right place is also guaranteed to be found here for meetings. Families with children have plenty of space in the family areas to watch numerous films or to let off steam in the play rooms. Of course there is also a baby changing room.

Refreshing and relaxing

In addition to the spacious lounge areas around the large water basin, the lounge has some relaxation areas and, above all, luxuriously furnished bathing areas where you can relax from a long-haul flight with a hot shower. Especially if you have to stay for a few hours, you can test the high-quality care products here and have a good time.

Great food with a fantastic view

Anyone who has ever been to an airport lounge knows that you can quickly eat your fill of the many delicacies at the snack bars before boarding the plane. In the Al Mourjan Business Lounge you will be seduced by a whole buffet and can even choose from various à la carte dishes, which are brought to the table by the service staff.

During the meal you have a good view over the lounge, because to get into the restaurant area you have to climb the spiral staircase past the chandelier and then secure a seat by the large windows to enjoy the view down.

Qatar has more to offer than just a great airport

In particular, travelers heading for destinations in Asia, Africa and Australia often make a stopover at the popular Hamad International Airport.

Luxurious stopover

Qatar Airways guests benefit from one Stopover in Doha of great discounts in selected luxury hotels. In the article I will introduce you to the program in more detail.

I myself had the pleasure of staying at this great airport for a few hours and I have to say: I was thrilled! That was not only because I was allowed to stay in the Al Mourjan Business Lounge of Qatar Airways, but also because of my exciting day trip. I decided to take a closer look at the exciting emirate of Qatar. People from different nations, a foreign culture that arouses curiosity, and an exciting desert tour - that and much more simply fascinated me about this country. But it's best to just take a look at my article about that Emirate of Qatar. There I have summarized all the highlights for you.


You see - if you booked a flight with Qatar Airways and have a stopover at Hamad International Airport in Doha, you can make the most of the time and have a good time at the 5 star airport or take a detour to Doha. It's always worth it. If you would like to find out more about the premium airline, then I can recommend you to take a look at my numerous other articles.

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