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Binaural hearing: Binauric SE

from Leon Scharw├Ąchter,

With the graphics comes the sound
After all these Ultra HD televisions, the sound should get an update. Binaural technology is a blossoming topic that is increasingly coming to the fore and revolutionizing games, music and radio plays.

What was that again?
A binaural recording is a recording with two microphones to generate two independent audio signals. The smallest microphones are either placed in human ears or in artificial heads in which the ear canal has been reproduced as precisely as possible.

Because the properties of the ears (structure of the hearing, position of the ears) are included in the recording, a very realistic, three-dimensional hearing impression is obtained when playing with headphones.

Kickstarter: Record 3D sounds with headphones
A very interesting Kickstarter project called OpenEars from Binauric SE is currently running. OpenEars is about headphones that also serve as microphones for high-quality, binaural recordings with the iPhone. No matter where you are and want to authentically capture the sound of a background noise, three-dimensional audio recordings can be made anywhere.

Click here for the Kickstarter campaign!

On the Binauric SE website you can find more information on the subject of binaural technology, including graphics and audio examples: http://www.binauric.com

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