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  • I also want to thank you for the article. I knew for a long time that I was an introvert. But what has made me increasingly depressed in recent years have been the states of exhaustion I suffer from (although I am physically healthy). Through the article I realized again how exhausting I find dealing with other people on a daily basis. I work in a job in which I have to do a lot with people, employees who come to me and want to know something, the phone rings continuously, the colleague in the office also talks all the time - I like my job, but I am by the afternoon at the latest completely exhausted and just want to see my peace and quiet and no more people if possible. Even making a phone call in the evening is often difficult for me.
    I've always enjoyed being alone with myself, enjoyed reading a book in peace, going for a walk, just doing nothing. But already in my early youth I was told to socialize more, you are developing into an outsider ..
    Over the years I've learned to move around people, go to parties, make small talk - and still feel uncomfortable about it. And it's exhausting for me. I love small groups, good conversation with friends, a small setting, and I've always preferred to work in a small company. Realizing that this is how I am and that it is completely ok to be this way is new to me. I only found out about it through therapy later this year and this article encourages me to believe that everything is fine as long as I take care of myself and my body. That I just need more rest periods. That I ONLY have a small group of friends. It is OK
    We introverts are perfectly fine the way we are. We are not outsiders or "abnormal" as long as we don't see ourselves that way.
    LG Ingrid

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  • Hello Gilbert,
    nice that there is a discussion on this topic! I have known myself since my school days that I am an introvert. Has always been very ambitious and quickly understood that you also have to be good verbally and have overcome myself, which always took a lot of strength. Despite being introverted, I have no problem with giving a lecture, for example, or standing alone on a stage and making music. I have probably quickly developed strategies to flip a switch in such situations and concentrate on what I am presenting and how it affects people. There are also some examples of introverted actors and musicians. I also enjoy a rich social life as long as I have enough time to retreat.
    The only limp is the world of work. I work in a company that is more extroverted. Open doors, always noise around you, there are always meetings that don't even give you the opportunity to work for yourself and thus be able to show your qualities in other areas. You are expected to announce aloud whatever comes on your mind. If you don't do that, you will go under and will not be heard. I only manage to live up to this to a certain extent - and it's extremely exhausting. Because of my introversion, I'm also less trusted than I could afford. I know that in situations like this one is advised to switch to science. But I don't want that, because in spite of everything and even when it is exhausting, I like to work with people because they interest me and I can often assess them very well. What is the way out here? Are there any companies known for promoting or involving introverts? How did Warren Buffett make it into top management?
    Best wishes

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