Is knee surgery life threatening

Hip prosthesis or knee prosthesis: when is the right time?

Decision on knee prosthesis or hip prosthesis

  1. When is the right time for a hip or knee prosthesis?
  2. A second doctor's opinion can help you decide for or against the prosthesis
  3. Advice: Who will help you with the decision for or against the endoprosthesis?
  4. Advantages of deferment in knee or hip prosthesis surgery
  5. Disadvantages of postponing knee or hip prosthesis surgery
  6. Rule of thumb: when is the time for a knee prosthesis or hip prosthesis really come?

When is the right time?

Choosing a hip prosthesis or knee prosthesis is different from many of the medical decisions we face in life. The decision to operate is based on a lengthy, chronic disease process with sometimes severe hip pain: But osteoarthritis is only painful, but not immediately life-threatening.

A second opinion can secure your decision

Pain and restrictions in everyday life, which can be alleviated by prosthetic surgery, are becoming increasingly important.

But as with any operation, there are specific risks and fears with prosthesis operations. You want to make sure that you have really exhausted all treatment options for your osteoarthritis. Although prosthetic surgery on the hip or knee is one of the safest surgeries ever, there are details about the operation, rehabilitation and prospects for life after that that you will want to carefully weigh up with your relatives and your doctor.

At the end of a careful consideration after processing all the specific circumstances, your personal, well-considered decision will be made in due course. Your orthopedic surgeon will support your decision-making process.