How many members are there on Twitter

An overview of social media networks: who has what reach?

Without the reach of the Internet, almost nothing works for publishers today. At the same time, the major social media, communication and streaming platforms are keen competitors. How far-reaching are they actually?

Corporate publishing experts give on the basis of reliable statistics Christian Buggisch in theIT channel from an overview of the number of users of the most important services in Germany in 2020.


Facebook has 1.6 billion daily active users worldwide, it is and will remain the firmly established size among social networks. There are 288 million daily active users in Europe. Facebook recently did not show official user numbers for Germany, but the number has been relatively stable in the USA and Europe in recent years - Facebook generates its growth primarily in Asia and the rest of the world. We can therefore continue to assume that it will be around32 million monthly active and 23 million daily active German Facebook usersgives.

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For this purpose, Facebook recently officially reported on the subsidiary's user numbers for the first time Whatsapp voiced in Germany. Last year you could already be a little flat in view of the WhatsApp dominance in Germany. But it has evidently gotten even bigger, because according to these figures there are58 million daily active German WhatsApp users. The ARD / ZDF-Online study comes to a significantly lower 44 million daily active users (63% of the population over 14 years) and 53 million weekly active users (75%). It doesn't matter. Germans use WhatsApp as a messenger just like they do Google use as a search engine: almost no alternative.

Other messenger services

The biggest WhatsApp competitor is not really a competitor, because it also comes from Facebook: For theFacebook Messenger become23 million monthly active users in Germany called. About a study by Gruner + Jahr we can tap into other messenger numbers: Around 13% of Germans who use a messenger have opted for Telegram decided something 10% for Threema. That roughly means thatTelegram approx.7 million German users should have.Threema would then come to approx.5 million German users.


There are no new official ones Instagram-Numbers. According to the ARD / ZDF online study, the number of users in Germany increased significantly again last year: by 25% for monthly active users and by 45% for daily active users. This means that Instagram has gained new users and they are using the service much more intensively than before. Power in absolute terms13 million weekly active and 9 million daily active Instagram users in Germany.


The last official Snapchat-User numbers are around 210 million worldwide, which is at least a little more than in the previous year (and not a matter of course: Snapchat had to struggle with falling numbers in the previous year). Not so in Germany: According to the ARD / ZDF online study, Snapchat is on the decline compared to the previous year. So there is about5 million weekly and 3.5 million daily active German Snapchat users. The Snapchat ad manager, on the other hand, has a potential reach of around 8 million users (we don't know how active they are). The truth should be somewhere in the middle, because the ARD / ZDF online study only considers users aged 14 and over, and Snapchat is of course also popular with younger people.


One of the reasons for Snapchat's growth problems could be TikTok be. Older people may find the platform with its video snippets a bit strange, critics also complain that TikTok comes from China and filters or censors content according to state requirements and through a sophisticated Shadowban system - none of this has yet detracted from its success. TikTok has 800 million users worldwide,in Germany there are 5.5 million monthly active users. The users (more men than women) open the app an average of ten times a day.


Twitter, this veteran of social networks, has a fairly stable 330 million monthly active users worldwide. Growth tends to be nil, but you don't lose any users either. The number of daily active users worldwide is 145 million, which is seen in the light and compared to the media attention that some tweets get, pretty little. The power of Twitter lies less in a huge community than in the fact that strong multipliers - such as politicians and activists - use the platform and messages often end up in high-reach mass media. This also applies to Germany: According to the ARD / ZDF online study, there is only2.8 million weekly and 1.4 million daily active Twitter users in Germany; but a lot of media outside of Twitter that gives the tweets more exposure.


Pinterest reported official figures again in autumn and has 322 million users worldwide, which is again almost 30% more than in the previous year. Unfortunately, there are no current official figures for Germany, we can only update the estimated figures from the previous year with a comparable rate of increase and then come to around6 to 7 million active Pinterest users in Germany. This coincides with the reach potential that the Pinterest ad manager calls.


As always, we are on the safe side when it comes to numbers with the listed company XINGAGthat are now in New Work SE has renamed. XING has grown again compared to the previous year:17 million members in the DACH region are reported, including just over 1 million paying members. Round2 million users are active on XING weekly, less than 1 million dailysays the ARD / ZDF online study.


LinkedIn, XING's internationally active competitor belonging to Microsoft, has 660 million members worldwide (almost 100 million more than in the previous year).In the German-speaking area there are now 14 million membersaccording to the last quarterly report and has thus grown again compared to the previous year. And that has also been the same for years: XING and LinkedIn are growing happily in parallel without seriously endangering their competitors, with XING always being one step ahead.

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Streaming - Spotify, Netflix & Co.

Spotify has 248 million users worldwide, 113 million of which are premium users, which is significantly more than in the previous year.In Germany around 12 million users listen to music on Spotify every week. With all of this, Spotify has a turnover of 1.7 billion euros. Amazon Music has almost half as many users.

Netflix now has more than 163 million subscribers worldwide. The ARD / ZDF online study points15 million weekly active Netflix users out.Amazon Prime Video has 10.5 million weekly active users around a third fewer viewers. The top dog in terms of online videos is naturalYouTube with 28 million weekly active users.

For comparison: the numbers of the past years:20192018201720162015201420132012.

Calculation basis for the figures from the ARD / ZDF online study: The basis is the German-speaking resident population aged 14 and over - that's 70.4 million.


Courtesy of Christian Buggisch.

Christian Buggisch was a lecturer in Thienemanns Verlagbefore the DATEV eG brought him in as a publishing expert. Today he is in charge of corporate communications at DATEV.